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YouTube traveler John Daub faces a new online landscape | JT

John Daub assumes Japan’s placement in 2020 looks like where the nation was complying with the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

“It was the same situation after March 11, with no tourism and a lot of uncertainty,” he informs JT, describing the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the country. “A lot of my friends left in March — maybe now they wished they stayed.”

Following the catastrophe, Daub fully commited himself to presenting Japanese society to those abroad as well as attempted to right worldwide mistaken beliefs of a area he’s enjoyed because he showed up below in 1998. In 2013, he introduced Only in Japan, a YouTube network that took place to turn into one of one of the most prominent locations for comprehensive check out the nation.

Daub’s uploads, which supply intros to locations throughout the country while incorporating journalistic narration developed from years of operating at NHK, ended up being hits at a time when the nation was experiencing a tourist boom. Videos quickly brought in sights in the 6 numbers (otherwise even more), as well as the network flaunts over 1 million clients sometimes of composing.

“I got to meet the people who I impacted with my videos,” he states. “Some said I was the reason they wanted to come to Japan.” In what can be viewed as a social networks circle of life, Daub has actually also been included in other individuals’s video clips.

However, the YouTuber is rebooting once more as Japan locates itself in a new sort of catastrophe. From the start, Only in Japan was made in cooperation with Wao Corporation, an education and learning as well as amusement business. As the years took place, nonetheless, Daub states his vision of the network began to deviate from that of Wao’s. Rather than concession, he went solo as well as introduced the new Only in Japan in June. The very first unabridged upload located him presenting Hokkaido’s Noboribetsu Hot Spring Festival previously this year (“I think it was the last festival in Japan where people were together like this”), as well as functions a new computer animated introductory by D’art Shtajio, that likewise just recently made a video for The Weeknd.

“It’s scary. You don’t know what’s going to happen,” he states of the reboot. In 2020, Daub himself faces a new online landscape — one where several various other developers make the exact same design of video clips as he does, as well as where the imperturbable positivity he gives recording Japan really feels out of action with a few of the discussion concerning it on social networks. Plus, there’s the difficulty of developing travel-centric web content at a time when activity is limited, both in really recording as well as in staying clear of kickback from customers worried concerning the spread of the coronavirus.

“But I think going forward, I feel a real responsibility to Japan now as I did when I started the channel, in attracting people to come back here,” he states.

Daub’s love for Japan started when he initially relocated below to show English while likewise circumnavigating various other components of the globe. He operated in the city of Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, for 14 months. “I did a pretty good job, I think. The company asked me to join the headquarters, and they set me up as a turnaround manager — when someone quit or there was a disaster, they would send in this smiley positive guy to try to fix it up,” he states. Excelling at this placement created Daub to reside in 16 various Japanese cities over the following couple of years, an experience he states aided provide him a selection of tales as well as understanding to make use of.

Daub at some point introduced an online video clip collection in the mid 2000s focused on training English with a dosage of wit. While this collection got interest from regional media, it likewise introduced prior to YouTube.

Soon came the collaboration with Wao, which confirmed useful: they aided monetarily sustain him, as well as he had the ability to create the network just how he desired, with video clips concentrated on well-tread subjects like pill resorts as well as various celebrations.

Daub didn’t show up in the very early “J-vlogging” area of normal individual that obtained their beginning just speaking about life in Japan. “My background is in TV, reporting for NHK and making TV shows,” he states, including that he thinks his concentrate on the tales behind the society as well as individuals of Japan aided him stand apart.

It was clear that, by the beginning of this year, Daub as well as Wao had actually started to see his web content via various lenses. He is reluctant to explain, however provides some tips.

“I want longer shows, not shorter shows,” he clarifies. “I wanted better quality, not less quality. I want to invest in new things. I want to focus on small businesses, on people, not try to make money but bring people in.”

Above all, Daub states he understands what his target market desires, having actually communicated with them for several years. Wao likewise appears to be progressing, though the business did not reply to concerns prior to this write-up’s due date. The business is presently searching for a new host to take control of the million-plus network Daub developed.

Wherever Wao takes the Only in Japan network, Daub states he wants those included only good luck as well as talks happily concerning his previous business.

Stay cool: John Daub incorporates journalistic narration right into his Only in Japan uploads. |

Daub’s relocation right into longer web content appears to be where J-vlogging is headed. He points out Paolo from Tokyo, Life Where I’m From as well as Abroad in Japan, heavyweights on YouTube that are likewise rotating to docudrama styles. One of Daub’s larger interest in his new network is attracting attention versus these developers, however he’s confident.

“I think if people become interested in Japan, the tide rises and we all kind of win from that,” he states.

While Daub is recognized for his confident expectation on life in Japan, he doesn’t provide the nation a freebie. He states he has actually also met NPOs to find out about locations in which the nation delays, such as in supplying aid to those with handicaps.

Still, his strategy to his web content can look like it contrasts with the magnified negativeness that projects on electronic systems such as Twitter as well as Reddit. Daub states he has actually noticed the ambiance — he has actually done livestreams throughout the pandemic on a different network in which the much more personality-centric design of vlogging has actually pertained to the center of his job — however includes that individuals shouldn’t succumb to “hopelessness.”

“You can’t just show things that are bad and complain about them, you have to offer solutions,” he states. “That’s how you pass the baton forward.”

So he’s getting along. During the springtime, Daub as well as his better half, Kanae (that has actually helped as well as shown up in even more of his video clips in current times), did much more livestreams from their Tokyo house. They just recently took a trip to Kanazawa to consume Japanese food from 400 years earlier — “We didn’t know whether or not to go because of the second wave, but the city said to come,” Daub explains with a laugh — as well as he’s preparing his very own fireworks show in Akita Prefecture this October, carried out in collaboration with the Japan Hanabi Association.

“I know so many visitors can’t come to Japan right now, and it isn’t a good time to be traveling at all,” he states. “I wanted to use this opportunity in October to make an event with the community we built over all this time to share Japan’s fireworks culture with them. So, we will put on a fireworks festival backed by Kickstarter, and give people some perks and benefits for supporting it.”

It’s a motion of hope in a challenging year, as well as an initiative to maintain individuals curious about the nation.

“I feel a real responsibility to Japan now as I did when I started the channel, in attracting people to come back here,” he states.

For even more details concerning John Daub as well as Only in Japan, check out www.youtube.com/c/JohnDaub.

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