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Yokozuna Hakuho takes sole lead at July tournament

Grand champ Hakuho declared his 10th win for the sole lead at the July Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday, while newly-promoted ozeki Asanoyama endured his very first loss.

The Mongolian-birthed Hakuho is resting a win in advance of 2 wrestlers after the 10th day of the moved tournament at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

In the day’s last round, Hakuho progressed one action better to his record-extending 45th champion with a fast as well as simple sway No. 5 maegashira Hokutofuji (6-4).

Jul 29

Grand champ Hakuho declared his 10th win for the sole lead at the July Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday, while newly-promoted ozeki Asanoyama endured his very first loss. (Kyodo)

Jul 28

Baseball is back as well as it’s in full speed, also if the followers aren’t in the stands. The very first weekend break would certainly need to be considered a success as well as, besides the job it required to obtain the gamers back on the ruby, it was excellent to unwind as well as take pleasure in the audio of bat on round. (scotsman.com)

Jul 27

An yearly marathon in Hokkaido, cancelled this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, has actually been relocated on-line as well as drew in a document 3,000 candidates in a week, its largest draw considering that the race began in 2015. (Kyodo)

Jul 26

The Japan Sumo Association had some rough words on Saturday for 26-year-old wrestler Abi for eating in restaurants with backers in infraction of standards indicated to stop the spread of the unique coronavirus. (Kyodo)

Jul 25

Fireworks illuminated the skies throughout Japan at 8 p.m. on Friday, which was to be the day of the opening event of the Tokyo Olympics prior to it was delayed.

Jul 25

If you are an especially active individual, you most likely make use of leisure to remainder. (newsonjapan.com)

Jul 24

Event ability will certainly continue to be capped at 5,000 individuals with completion of August, the federal government determined Wednesday, mentioning the climbing variety of brand-new situations across the country. (the-japan-news.com)

Jul 22

Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto has actually informed Reuters the arranging board anticipates to tackle a number of brand-new enrollers in the coming months in spite of organisations being struck hard by the coronavirus pandemic. (Japan Today)

Jul 22

Maybe it’s exactly how the point player of Japan females’s basketball are educated. Maybe there’s some secret practice that they hand down to every various other, generation to generation. Maybe it’s simply in their blood. (fiba.basketball)

Jul 21

Child professional athletes in Japan have actually endured physical, spoken as well as sexual assault while taking part in sporting activity tasks, according to a brand-new Human Rights Watch (HRW) record. (aljazeera.com)

Jul 21

Different individuals have a unique strategy to running away stress and anxiety. It can be tasks like playing songs, guitar, working out digital photography, or anything that can obtain them out of tensions. (newsonjapan.com)

Jul 20

Sumo started a brand-new tournament before an online target market Sunday, in spite of a constant surge in coronavirus infections, with followers articulating both delight as well as care regarding viewing the Japanese phenomenon throughout the pandemic. (thejakartapost.com)

Jul 20

Only 23.9 percent of individuals in Japan favor holding the delayed Tokyo Olympics as well as Paralympics following summer season as arranged as well as over fifty percent are disappointed with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s action to the unique coronavirus, a Kyodo News study revealed Sunday. (Japan Times)

Jul 19

An occasion to wish the safety and security as well as success of the July Grand Sumo Tournament was hung on Saturday at a sector in Tokyo. Only a minimal variety of sumo authorities were enabled to participate in as a result of the coronavirus hazard.

Jul 18

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have actually revealed a brand-new competitors timetable for the Games, which were delayed to following year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jul 18

The Sapporo Marathon is a yearly long-distance running occasion, kept in the great month of October. Due to Hokkaido’s beneficial environment as well as remarkable fall views it’s a prominent race, attracting thousands of joggers as well as hundreds of viewers. (soranews24.com)

Jul 17

Shogi natural born player Fujii Sota has actually secured his very first significant title in the Japanese parlor game, comparable to chess.

Jul 17

Judo’s creator Jigoro Kano was years in advance of his time by encouraging females to occupy a sporting activity that rewards method over strength. (Japan Times)

Jul 15

The head of the Japanese Olympic Committee claims he still cannot see any type of requirements for inviting individuals from abroad to the Tokyo Games, which have actually been delayed to following year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jul 14

The Japan Sumo Association claims it will certainly hold its July tournament in Tokyo with around 2,500 viewers, approximately 25 percent of the complete ability. The decrease becomes part of actions versus the coronavirus episode.


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