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Whether or not you’ll succeed in Japanese is up to ‘ka dōka’

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Shimekiri made ni dekiru ka dōka wakaranai.

(I’m not certain if I can do it by the due date or not.)

Situation 1: Mr. Mita discovers Ms. Gray servicing her lunch break.



Mita: Are, Gurei-san, isogi no shorui?

Gurei: Un. Shimekiri made ni dekiru ka dōka wakaranai kara, o-hiru yasumi henjō de ganbatte-iru no.

Mita: Oh, Ms. Gray, is it an immediate record?

Gray: Yeah. I’m not certain if I can do it by the due date or not, so I’m doing my finest and also offering up my lunch break.

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The term XかどうかY is converted in English as “whether or not” or “if … (or not)” and also is made use of when we are managing an ingrained yes/no inquiry. “X” can be a verb in simple kind, adjectives or nouns, while “Y” has a tendency to be a verb that reveals understanding or understanding:


(I’ll attempt and also think of if it’s feasible or not.)


(Do you understand whether it’s cool or not in London presently?)

More informally, どうか can additionally be changed with the unfavorable kind of “X” as long as an additional か is affixed to it:


(I wear’t understand whether I can or cannot do it.)

Situation 2: Mr. and also Mrs. Shiba are speaking in the house regarding their child’s inoculation.

妻:来週、じゅんを予防接種に連れて行ってくれる? 私は仕事で無理そうなの。いつお休みが取れるか教えて。


Tsuma: Raishū, Jun o yobō-sesshu ni tsurete-itte kureru? Watashi wa shigoto de muri sō nano. Itsu o-yasumi ga toreru ka oshiete.

Otto: Ii yo. Jā, chōsei shite-miru ne.

Wife: Next week, could you take Jun for (his) inoculation for me? It’ll be difficult for me due to job. Let me understand when you can take a while off.

Husband: That’s penalty. Well after that, I’ll attempt and also change (my routine).

When the inquiry expression in the sentence consists of an interrogative word — いつ (when), だれ (that), どこ (where), なに (what) or どうして (why) — after that どうか is not made use of, and also the pattern comes to be interrogative + X (a verb in simple kind) + か Y, similar to Mrs. Shiba’s “いつお休(やす)みが取(と)れるか教(おし)えて”:


(Please inform me why you were late.)

Bonus Dialogue: Eric Sere is with his partner, Yuri. She asks him why he looks so depressing.









Eric: Actually, I obtained a message that my mother is not succeeding. I’m anxious, so I desire to return to my house nation.

Yuri: If you leave Japan currently, it’s not clear when you’ll be able to return.

Eric: I understand. But I’m so, so anxious…

Yuri: Your more youthful sibling, she has to be taking excellent treatment (of her). Even if you go, Eric, you won’t be of any type of assistance, right?

Eric: I won’t be able to inform if I’ll be of any type of assistance or not without going (house). Moreover, it could be the unique coronavirus, that’s my worry.

Yuri: If it is the unique coronavirus, however you’ll be a problem. If you wait a little bit extra, your mother might be able to make a video clip telephone call.

Eric: Yeah, I presume. I’ll see exactly how the scenario turns out a bit extra, after that.

Yuri: Just a bit much longer. Let’s do our finest.


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