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When it comes to Japanese, ‘mamire’ and ‘darake’ have you covered

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Omei mamire no haiyū.

An star covered in shame.

Situation 1: Mr. and Mrs. Shiba are seeing the information in the house when the tale of a star introducing his retired life comes on.



Otto: Kono haiyū, ironna josei kara sekuhara de uttaerarete-ita kedo, yappari intai suru no ka.

Tsuma: Atarimae desho. Omei mamire no haiyū nante terebi de tsukatte-moraenai shi.

Husband: This star, he’s been implicated of unwanted sexual advances by numerous ladies, as I assumed, he’s going to have to retire.

Wife: That do without stating. An star covered in such shame, TELEVISION will certainly have say goodbye to usage for him.

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The pattern Xまみれ, with まみれ stemming from the verb 塗(まみ)れる (to be smeared with/covered in), suggests that a point or individual is covered in “X.” When referring to a substantial point, it suggests that the surface area of a thing is covered in something unclean, such as ほこり (dirt), 泥 (どろ, mud), 血 (ち, blood) or 汗 (あせ, sweat):

ほこりまみれの人形(にんぎょう)。 (A doll covered in dirt.)

血(ち)まみれの戦(たたか)い。(A fight of much blood.)

With Xまみれ, nevertheless, “X” can likewise be an abstract point like in Situation 1’s 汚名(おめい)まみれの俳優(はいゆう). Other points with which we can be smeared consist of 嘘 (うそ, exists), 借金 (しゃっきん, financial obligation) and 屈辱 (くつじょく, embarrassment).

Situation 2: Mitsuo comes residence from institution.



Mitsuo: Tadaimā!

Haha: Matte, Mitsuo, doro darake ja nai! Dō shita no?

Mitsuo: I’m residence!

Mother: Wait, Mitsuo, you’re all covered in mud! What occurred?

The expression Xだらけ, in which a noun, “X,” is affixed to the suffix “だらけ,” shares that there is a whole lot that is unclean or poor covering something or a person.

ごみだらけの部屋(へや)。 (An area with garbage everywhere.)

間違(まちが)いだらけの解答(かいとう)。 (A service filled with mistakes.)

When “X” is a non-abstract noun such as 泥, ほこり, 汗 or 血, Xだらけ can be changed with Xまみれ, yet there is a minor distinction in subtlety. Xまみれ offers the impact that the unfavorable point covers the surface area of the item, while Xだらけ can offer the impact that the unfavorable point surpasses simply covering the surface area — 穴(あな)だらけの靴下(くつした) (socks full of openings) or covering points that aren’t surface areas, like criminal activity scenes:

犯行現場で血 だらけの部屋を発見した。 (Hankō genba de chi darake no heya o hakken shita, “We discovered a blood-covered room at the scene of the crime.”)

Bonus Dialogue: Ms. Aoyama is chatting to her elderly associate Ms. Gray on video clip conversation regarding a thriller she lately saw on DVD.

青山 (あおやま):妻(つま)は夫(おっと)が借金まみれだとわかったとたん、弟(おとうと)に夫を殺(ころ)させたんです。





グレイ:キャーッ、やめて! … あ、青山さん、後ろ、血だらけの人(ひと)が…

青山:え?…あ! キャーッ!





Aoyama: As quickly as the spouse understood that her spouse was covered in the red, she had her bro eliminate him.

Gray: That adorable starlet, she played such a function?

Aoyama: In the center of the evening, the minute when she got word from her bro that her spouse had actually been eliminated, her adorable face developed into a smile to make your skin crawl. Shall I provide you the DVD?

Gray: It’s terrifying, so I won’t watch it. But I’m interested, so discuss what takes place following.

Aoyama: Sure. When she’s brushing her hair before the mirror, behind her a male covered in blood instantly…

Gray: Eek! Stop it! Ah, Ms. Aoyama, behind you, an individual covered in blood!

Aoyama: What? Ah! Nooo!

[Her husband has come back home]

Aoyama: Huh? I assumed it was another person. What occurred to you? You’re covered in mud!

Aoyama’s spouse: I’m residence! On the back, when I attempted to prevent a vehicle, I obtained sprayed with sloppy water — it has actually been distressing.

Gray: That’s why terrifying flicks are no excellent!


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