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Tokyo mom who left daughter to starve to death sent to prosecutors | JT

A mommy was sent to prosecutors Thursday for apparently allowing her 3-year-old daughter starve to death last month, leaving her alone at their Tokyo residence so she might see her guy numerous kilometers away.

Saki Kakehashi has actually confessed leaving Noa at their house for 8 days in very early June while with her guy in Kagoshima Prefecture, according to authorities.

The 24-year-old was priced quote by investigatory resources as stating she had actually fortified Noa right into the living-room of their Ota Ward house with a couch to quit her leaving the area.

She discussed to authorities that it was to avoid her daughter from damaging herself with blades or various other things in the nearby kitchen area. Police presume the lady was constrained in the living-room for 8 days.

Autopsy results exposed Noa passed away from extreme dehydration as well as appetite, according to the authorities.

Kakehashi, who operated at a Japanese-design izakaya club, frequently left Noa residence alone to constant pachinko shops as well as bars, as well as had actually checked out Kagoshima unaccompanied for a number of days in May, the resources stated.

The supervisor of a bar she frequently checked out informed Kyodo News, “She came up to twice a week and went home on the last train every time.”

Police suspect Kakehashi consistently ignored the young child by leaving her alone while she burnt the midnight oil or headed out at nights.

Kakehashi had actually lived alone with Noa because about July 2017 after obtaining separated from the lady’s dad.

Noa had actually not been to her preschool for greater than a year.



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