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Sumo: Terunofuji clinches championship in comeback tournament

Former ozeki Terunofuji finished a magnificent comeback to the leading department Sunday by securing the July Grand Sumo Tournament with a final-day success over sekiwake Mitakeumi.

By winning the penultimate spell on Day 15, the 28-year-old, battling as a rank-and-file No. 17 maegashira, do with a 13-2 document at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan and also prevented a tie-breaking playoff.

Former ozeki Terunofuji finishes a magnificent comeback on Aug. 2, 2020 by securing the July Grand Sumo Tournament with a final-day success over sekiwake Mitakeumi. (Kyodo)

A loss would certainly have seen the Mongolian come under a three-way connection with Mitakeumi (11-4) and also ozeki Asanoyama (12-3), champion of the day’s last spell versus sekiwake Shodai (11-4).

After taking an outdoors belt hold at the dive, Terunofuji rapidly muscled other Outstanding Performance Award champion Mitakeumi out in reverse to assert his very first championship in greater than 5 years.

The local of Ulaanbaatar last combated in sumo’s elite makuuchi department in January 2018, prior to injuries to both knees and also disease hindered his occupation. His one previous high-level championship came with the 2015 Summer Grand Tournament.

Once a prospect for yokozuna promo, he was benched from the second-tier juryo department after the 2018 May tourney.

After missing out on 4 straight grand events, he started his comeback in 2015 in March’s Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in the sumo globe’s next-to-lowest rate, the jonidan department, where he had actually bad at No. 48.

The freshly crowned champ offered credit scores to his household, stablemates and also stablemaster Isegahama for their inspiration throughout his lengthy climb back with the rankings after he had actually taken into consideration retiring on numerous celebrations.

“When I went down the ranks, there were people who were rooting for me: my family, my stablemaster, and all the members of my stable. Thanks to their support I was able to come back,” he claimed.

“So many things have happened, but at the very end, I finally faced this day. I believed this day would come where I could smile, that if I worked hard, I would be rewarded.”

Following the injury withdrawal of grand champ and also single tournament leader Hakuho after Day 12, the title had actually appeared like a two-horse race in between Terunofuji and also Asanoyama.

But after winning his conference with Asanoyama on Day 13, Terunofuji blew an opportunity to protect the title the adhering to day when he shed to Shodai.

That result brought Shodai back right into the race, while additionally maintaining unlock for Asanoyama and also Mitakeumi.

Asanoyama beats Shodai. (Kyodo)  

Asanoyama, at the same time, missed out on an opportunity to return right into a connection for starting point on Day 14 when he took his 2nd straight loss through No. 7 Terutsuyoshi (8-7).

But the brand-new ozeki finished a solid proving in his launching tournament at sumo’s second-highest ranking by exceeding Shodai.

Despite being rejected his favored hold, Asanoyama regulated the energy and also utilized his remarkable toughness to press out the effective Shodai, that placed his very own name on the ozeki prospect listing with his 11 wins.

Komusubi Daieisho gained his 11th win — and also an Outstanding Performance Award together with it — by taking down No. 10 Myogiryu (10-5).

The 26-year-old from Saitama Prefecture completed a solid tournament with 6 straight victories on his means to an 11-4 document.

Komusubi Okinoumi (9-6) shed to No. 9 Tamawashi (10-5) in a fight in between grapplers trying to find their 10th win of the tournament.

Okinoumi opened up boldy in search of a belt hold, yet Tamawashi maintained him off equilibrium prior to performing an overarm toss.

No. 12 Sadanoumi (8-7) secured a winning document on the last day forcibly out No. 16 Nishikigi (6-9).

The July fulfill was the very first grand tournament held in 4 months adhering to the termination of May’s occasion because of the unique coronavirus pandemic. It was relocated from its typical area in Nagoya to minimize traveling throughout the pandemic.

Ryogoku Kokugikan had actually been maintained to a quarter of its capability to stop the spread of the pneumonia-causing infection.



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