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Sumo: Hakuho withdraws from July tourney, both yokozuna out

Mongolian-birthed yokozuna Hakuho took out from the July Grand Sumo Tournament on Friday because of a knee injury with 3 days staying in the transferred occasion, which is currently missing out on both grand champs.

According to his stablemaster Miyagino, Hakuho intensified an appropriate knee injury on Thursday when he experienced his 2nd loss of the 15-day fulfill at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan to sekiwake Mitakeumi in a “tsukiotoshi” propelled down.

Hakuho experiences his second-straight dismayed loss at the July Grand Sumo Tournament on July 30, 2020. (Kyodo)

He initially intensified the pre-existing injury in his 4th day round, as well as ever since he has actually been obtaining painkilling shots, Miyagino informed press reporters.

“He needed medical treatment to get this far. His knee injury worsened when he fell (during the bout against Mitakeumi),” Miyagino stated.

“It’s too bad because Hakuho said he was in good condition. We were gunning for championship in this basho,” he stated.

Hakuho was detected with cartilage material as well as tendon damages, as well as is anticipated to be out for at the very least 2 weeks.

The various other Mongolian-birthed yokozuna, Kakuryu, went down out of the race on Day 2. It is the very first time because the New Year basho in January that the event will certainly happen without both of the wrestlers on top of the banzuke positions.

Newly advertised ozeki Asanoyama in the 2nd highest possible ranking continues to be in the competitors at 11-1 after Thursday’s spells. Ozeki Takakeisho drew out on the 12th day because of a left knee injury.

The 35-year-old Hakuho got in the event looking at a record-extending 45th Emperor’s Cup. He won 10 straight spells prior to shedding the following 2.

It is the 15th time in his occupation he will certainly have missed out on all or component of a grand event, as well as the very first time because he left the initial fulfill of the year after simply 4 days, having actually won one as well as shed 3 spells.

“All I’m focusing on now is how to deal with my new injury and my body and get treated in order to return to the dohyo as soon as possible,” Hakuho stated via steady authorities.

His arranged challenger for Friday, sekiwake Shodai, wins by waive.


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