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Sumo: Hakuho falls back to pack with upset loss on Day 11

Yokozuna Hakuho relinquished his excellent document as well as single lead at the July Grand Sumo Tournament on Wednesday complying with an upset loss to komusubi Daieisho.

With his initial loss of the 15-day competition, the over night leader dropped back right into a three-way connection at 10-1 with ozeki Asanoyama as well as No. 17 maegashira Terunofuji.

In the last round of Day 11 at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan, single contending grand champ Hakuho shed his ground as Daieisho (7-4) obstructed his effort to take a best inside grasp from the dive.

From there, the komusubi was able to push the all-time champion record-holder sidewards as well as press him out prior to he might restore his equilibrium.

Yokozuna Hakuho (R) is bumped out to his initial loss by komusubi Daieisho on Day 11 of the July Grand Sumo Tournament. (Kyodo)

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The win was simply the 2nd in 8 conferences versus Hakuho for Daieisho, that claimed he stuck to his pressing as well as propelling strategy.

“I was able to do my style of sumo,” claimed the 26-year-old. “I’ll do my best the rest of the way.”

Asanoyama had little problem looking after No. 4 Kagayaki (4-7), ramming him with a best lower arm prior to covering him up as well as raising him over the straw.

Former ozeki Terunofuji has the opportunity to raise the Emperor’s Cup in his initial top-division competition because January 2018 after boosting to 10-1 with a gain No. 11 Tochinoshin (6-5).

Ozeki Takakeisho pressed out sekiwake Mitakeumi to secure a winning document at 8-3 as well as maintain his area at sumo’s second-highest ranking.

The 23-year-old giant, that has actually been contending below as a demotion-threatened “kadoban” ozeki, released himself out of the blocks as well as provided Mitakeumi (8-3) no opportunity to counter.

The triumph was repayment for his loss to Mitakeumi in March as well as evened their head-to-head document at 8 success each.

Shodai’s title wishes might have endured a deadly impact with his 2nd straight loss of the 15-day competition. The sekiwake went down to 8-3 as he yielded to No. 5 Hokutofuji (7-4) for the very first time in his occupation.

Hokutofuji, a previous komusubi, fasted out of the blocks as well as pulled Shodai to the clay after the sekiwake lunged onward searching for a within grasp.

No. 14 Kotoshogiku (8-3) safeguarded his initial winning document because March in 2015 with a win versus No. 7 Terutsuyoshi (5-6).

The professional previous ozeki attributed his more youthful Sadogatake stablemates — consisting of gifted newbies Kotoshoho as well as Kotonowaka — for aiding him remain encouraged at age 36.

“I’ve got great training partners who keep me energized and make me feel younger. I’ve been striving to show my best sumo. All I want to do is fully perform to my capabilities,” Kotoshogiku claimed.

“A lot of people are still expecting better things from me and cheering me on, and I don’t want to let them down.”

No. 9 Tamawashi (8-3) secured a winning document for the very first time because last November’s grand competition with a triumph versus Kotoshoho (7-4), that is making his makuuchi launching at No. 15.

Komusubi Okinoumi (6-5) commemorated his 35th birthday celebration by defeating No. 3 Takarafuji (4-7) by propelled down. The Hakkaku steady grappler was pressed back by Takarafuji yet utilized his challenger’s energy to perform the winning relocation beside the ring.

The July satisfy is the initial grand competition kept in 4 months complying with the termination of May’s occasion due to the unique coronavirus pandemic. It was relocated from its standard place in Nagoya to reduced on traveling throughout the pandemic.


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