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Home Lifestyle Summer in the Aurelian Garden: Satoyama summer journal | JT

Summer in the Aurelian Garden: Satoyama summer journal | JT

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The 8 ume (Prunus mume) plum trees in the yard create a much of fruit. But the gathering home window is rather brief. Too early, as well as the fruits are as well little; far too late as well as they’re currently as well ripe. Once they transform yellow, they’re not ideal for making umeboshi marinaded plums as well as various other items. Each year I welcome buddies over for the harvest, as well as they all go residence with sufficient to make a year’s supply of ume red wine, juice as well as umeboshi.

Natural plate: In July, Imamori offers his unique 20-flavor curry as well as turmeric rice on the fallen leave of a Japanese bigleaf magnolia. | Mitsuhiko Imamori


In summer I make an unique curry with a mix of some 20 flavors. The turmeric rice is put on the fallen leave of a Japanese bigleaf magnolia (Magnolia obovata). Its pleasant aroma stimulates the fresh odor of the woodland. Bigleaf magnolia, which has the biggest fallen leaves of all the plants in the satoyama (countryside) environments, is among my wonderful faves. The tree prefers areas with a lot of sunlight as opposed to the color of various other timberland trees. The mint grew under a buddleia (butterfly shrub) expands well, as well as I select it consistently to make tea as well as to contribute to salads. Myōga ginger buds favor a half-shaded area, where they expand in masses. Chopped fresh myōga complements dry-cured pork for a yummy salad.


Health meter: Dragonflies, like this shiokara-tonbo, flourish in chemical-free farms. | MITSUHIKO IMAMORI
Health meter: Dragonflies, such as this shiokara-tonbo, thrive in chemical-free ranches. | MITSUHIKO IMAMORI

As the light starts to discolor, a hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum L.) utilizes its lengthy proboscis to consume nectar from blossoms. The use less chemicals in farming has actually brought about a revival in the variety of dragonflies seen from very early summer via fall. This brownish shiokara-tonbo skimmer (Orthetrum albistylum speciosum) is a woman; the men are a plain blue in shade. The existence of crawlers, such as this wasp crawler (Argiope bruennichi), is an excellent indication of the health and wellness of a setting. This inspires me to guarantee that they locate my yard to their taste.

Vegetables are selected not simply for their harvest, however likewise their visual impact. Okra creates a specifically beautiful white blossom, as fragile as shoelace as well as cool-looking also in the summer warm. Birds love the dark berries of the American pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) that expands around my workshop; they spread out the seeds everywhere in their droppings. The hackberry trees, which fruit in summer, provide an useful food resource at once of year when there is little else around. The quick-sighted birds are eager to feast on the little, bright-yellow fruits.

Photographer as well as cut-paper musician Mitsuhiko Imamori added the message for this short article. Born in 1954 in Shiga Prefecture, Imamori has actually won several rewards, consisting of the 20th Kimura Ihei Memorial Award as well as the 28th Domon Ken Award. For even more details, check out imamori-satoyama-world.com.

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