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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Restaurant in Tokyo to serve herbal medicinal sushi

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A sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s Akihabara area has actually generated a brand-new take on sushi, flavoring the food with components made use of in medicinal food preparation, such as cinnamon and also ache nuts.

The sushi will certainly be consisted of in Nadeshico Sushi’s food selection in September.

“As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in autumn this year, we want to deviate from traditional concepts and (serve) sushi that is fun to look at while focusing on the health aspect,” stated Yuki Chizui, the 33-year-old supervisor of the restaurant, at once when the restaurant is experiencing bumpy rides due to the unique coronavirus epidemic.

The restaurant, which uses just women sushi cooks, will certainly include components made use of in medicinal recipes in addition to sushi garnishes or on vinegared rice.

As a food selection choice, a spread made from a five-spice powder is offered in addition to tuna or yellowtail sushi. The garnish’s spicy aroma aids mask the odor of raw fish, according to the restaurant.

The restaurant will certainly blend ache nuts and also shredded perilla entrusts olive oil, prior to putting the combination in addition to sushi from blue-backed fish, consisting of equine mackerel and also sardine.

It will certainly additionally utilize shichimi chili pepper powder consisting of orange peel for sushi with a rejuvenating taste, such as octopus sushi.

In enhancement, the restaurant is servicing a strategy to elevate fish that are fed feed including herbal medication.

It strategies to deal sushi making use of herbal medicine-fed salmon, increased with the participation of aquafarmers in Hokkaido, by the end of this year.

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Furthermore, the restaurant is creating tinned salmon pieces seasoned in miso paste combined with medicinal components.

Both items are presently being created with the regional vacationer organization.

“We hope to (promote the products) as Akihabara specialties and increase our sales channels,” Chizui stated.

In line with COVID-19 standards, the federal government is highly asking for that homeowners and also site visitors work out care if they pick to see bars, dining establishments, songs locations and also various other public rooms.


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