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Paralympics: “Blade Jumper” Markus Rehm keeps Tokyo gold his focus

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Having really felt deep frustration complying with the post ponement of the Tokyo Games, two-time Paralympic lengthy dive champ and also para globe document owner Markus Rehm is looking towards following year with restored positive outlook.

The German single-leg amputee had actually been coming close to peak problem in his proposal for a 3rd straight lengthy dive gold medal prior to the coronavirus pandemic required the Tokyo Olympic and also Paralympic coordinators to postpone the video games by a year.

Rehm, that is called the “Blade Jumper” as he embarks on a carbon-fiber bladed prosthesis, intends to damage his T64 globe document dive of 8.48 meters at the Aug. 24 to Sept. 5 Paralympics following year.

Markus Rehm visualized in July 2017. (Kyodo)  

Rehm informed Kyodo News he had actually gone to a training school in South Africa when he was unexpectedly advised to go back to Germany and also enter into lockdown as a preventative measure versus the pneumonia-causing infection.

“We were in tough preparation…at the end of the preparation period (for the season). So with the lockdown, we lost this kind of form,” Rehm claimed.

No much longer able to utilize first-rate training centers, Rehm did the most effective he might to remain in form in the house. But the duration of seclusion took a psychological and also physical toll on the 32-year-old, that additionally won 4×100-meter relay gold at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

“I was in really good shape. I was very motivated to come to Tokyo again, but (after) the lockdown, yeah, it was hard to motivate yourself,” claimed Rehm, that had his appropriate leg severed listed below the knee after a wakeboarding mishap at age 14.

Despite the aggravation of having his Paralympic trip momentarily thwarted, Rehm thinks there was nothing else choice yet to delay the video games.

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“There were many feelings, (but) if we think clearly about the subject, and if you really look from every side on the problem we had, it was clear (the organizers had to) postpone it.”

Rehm, that tried to contend at the Rio Olympic Games yet was rejected when the globe sports federation claimed he fell short to verify his prosthesis does not give a benefit, has actually mentioned eventually testing the mark for professional athletes without specials needs.

And although he is commonly helpful of better assimilation of professional athletes with and also without specials needs, he thinks the Paralympics “have different values” that necessitate maintaining them unique from the Olympic Games.

“I just think when it comes to Olympic and Paralympic Games, it still has to be a little separate. But I think it’s possible to combine Olympic and para competition (so) that we are more together, like a Diamond League meeting,” he claimed.

Having seen Japan a number of times, Rehm is thrilled concerning remaining in the nation once again and also wishes to case his 3rd straight lengthy dive gold before a stuffed arena following year.

Markus Rehm talks in an on-line meeting on July 30, 2020. (Kyodo)

While the opportunity of restricted group numbers or closed-door competitors at the Tokyo Games has actually been elevated, Rehm claimed such a result would certainly be a disappointment both for professional athletes and also the host country.

“For me it’s great to compete in front of an audience. And to be honest, I was very happy to compete in Japan,” he claimed.

“To think of the stadium without any spectators, it is really sad for me (and) even more sad for the people in Japan,” claimed Rehm, that thinks Japan is “the safest country” to organize the video games throughout a pandemic.

“If there is a country I would go to, then it would be Japan. I was there five times already. I know the culture, how people are there. I think they are very careful, very responsible,” he claimed.

The expectation for the video games might stay uncertain for a long time, yet Rehm is certain of requiring to the track in Tokyo a year from currently.

“I am an optimist. I still hope everything will be clear for next year. I know I am also realistic (but)…I’m still very positive,” he claimed.


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