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Osaka referendum on metropolis plan set for Nov. 1

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A referendum on whether to restructure Osaka right into a metropolis with a management framework comparable to Tokyo will certainly be held Nov. 1, the city’s political election board claimed Monday.

It will certainly be the 2nd time the city has actually held such a referendum complying with the initial in May 2015, when it was elected down by a slim margin. Some 2.24 million locals aged 18 or older that have Japanese citizenship are qualified to join the approaching ballot.

The campaign to eliminate the city for apparently a lot more economical administration was advanced by the local political team Osaka Ishin no Kai, led by Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui.

“Toward the November referendum, I will make every effort to offer explanations to help residents deepen their understanding (of the metropolis plan) so that they can make their decisions,” Osaka Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura, vice head of the political team, claimed at a conference.

Under the plan, the team intends to reorganize the city’s existing 24 management areas right into 4 unique wards with higher authority on Jan. 1, 2025.

While Osaka Prefecture will certainly draw up techniques on locations varying from financial development and also tourist to facilities upkeep, the unique wards will certainly supervise of offering solutions to locals, if the plan is authorized in the referendum.

The metropolis plan was initially advanced by Toru Hashimoto, a previous Osaka guv that developed the political team in 2010 and also ended up being mayor of the city the list below year. He looked for to conserve tax obligation payers’ cash by minimizing useful overlaps in between the prefectural and also local government.

The plan was authorized by the prefectural setting up in late August and also by the city setting up recently.

The project duration for the referendum will officially start Oct. 12.

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The city might reschedule the referendum if the spread of the unique coronavirus broadens or if there is a basic political election in October, according to the political election board.


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