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Osaka Prefectural Assembly readies Nov. 1 referendum on metropolis merger plan

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The Osaka Prefectural Assembly authorized Friday a plan to rearrange the city of Osaka right into a metropolis like Tokyo, leading the way momentarily referendum on the architectural reform targeted at accomplishing a lot more efficient administration via cost-cutting.

If the Osaka Municipal Assembly recommends the plan Thursday, a ballot by homeowners will certainly be held Nov. 1 on whether to proceed with the front runner plan of local political team Osaka Ishin no Kai headed by Mayor Ichiro Matsui, that functions as the leader of the resistance Nippon Ishin no Kai.

The ballot will certainly be the secondly of its kind after the metropolis plan was turned down by a slim margin in a referendum in 2015, as regional phases of both the judgment and also resistance events suggested expenses can be reduced without such a reconstruction.

It continues to be unsure whether the ballot will certainly be carried out as prepared in November in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, with a prefectural assembly board looking after the issue prompting the city government to hold off or terminate in situation the infection postures a major danger to homeowners.

The metropolis plan was initially composed by previous Osaka Gov. and also Mayor Toru Hashimoto, that looked for to get along with the reform to conserve taxpayers’ cash by lowering useful overlaps in between the prefectural and also local government.

Under the existing plan, Osaka Ishin, whose acting leader is Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura, intends to reorganize the city’s existing 24 management areas right into 4 unique wards with higher authority comparable to those in Tokyo.

The plan was reanimated and also acquired energy after Osaka Ishin won regional political elections to pick a brand-new mayor and also guv in April in 2014. Matsui was chosen mayor and also Yoshimura was chosen guv, switching their placements.


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