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Man arrested for allegedly killing cow, stealing its head

A 46-year-old man was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing the head of a cow after killing the pet at a cattle ranch in main Japan, cops claimed.

The Philippine nationwide determined as Osualdo Alemania Galindo is presumed of butchering a 1.8-meter-long women cow evidently with an associate at a cattle ranch in Sakahogi, Gifu Prefecture, very early Friday.

The cops did not disclose whether the suspect has actually confessed to the fee.

According to cops, a policeman tried to speak with Galindo and also an additional man on a road in a neighboring city at around 4 a.m., whereupon the various other man left. The policeman located a blood tarnish on Galindo’s bike, and also some 2 hrs later on, cops obtained a record from the cattle ranch concerning among its cows having passed away evidently throughout dismemberment.

The body of the 500-kg, 4-year-old cow was located simply outside the cattle ranch’s fencing with its head and also ideal foreleg missing out on. The location of the man that was with Galindo stay unidentified and also the missing out on components of the cow have actually not yet been located, the cops claimed.

The cops are likewise checking into the opportunity of costs based upon uncertainty of going against the pet legislation.


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