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Learning how to use ‘ni suginai’ is nothing more than essential

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Ano otoko niwa sugita okusan da.

(She is also excellent to be that man’s better half.)


Situation 1: Mr. and also Mrs. Shiba are enjoying information of a star excusing his event.

妻: あの俳優、あんな素敵な奥さんと子どもがいるのに、なんで浮気なんかするかなあ。

夫: うん、彼女は、どう考えても、あの男には過ぎた奥さんだと思うよ。うちと同じでね。

Tsuma: Ano haiyū, anna sutekina okusan to kodomo ga iru noni, nande uwaki nanka suru ka nā.

Otto: Un, kanojo wa, dō kangaete mo, ano otoko niwa sugita okusan da to omou yo. Uchi to onaji de ne.

Wife: That star, despite the fact that he has such a beautiful better half and also youngster, why would certainly he have an event?

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Husband: Yeah, she, nonetheless you think of it, is also excellent to be that man’s better half. Just like us.

The verb 過(す)ぎる has different definitions and also its major one is “to pass”:


(Three weeks have actually passed.)


In Situation 1, nonetheless, the pattern Xには過ぎたY, in which both “X” and also “Y” are nouns, especially has the definition of passing a particular criteria, as in Mr. Shiba’s あの男(おとこ)には過ぎた奥(おく)さんだ ([She is] also excellent a partner for that guy):


(There is no demand to respond to their extreme needs.)

It is feasible to leave out Xには, nonetheless, as in the following:


(I am recognized to get your fantastic words.)

That instance is a simple expression utilized by the audio speaker just to refer to themselves.


Situation 2: At house, Mrs. Okubo discovers her kid Mitsuo playing a computer game.

母: 光男、ゲームばかりやっていないで、少しは勉強したら?

光男: 母さん、目的もなく勉強しても、時間を無駄にしているに過ぎないんだよ。もっと効率を考えないと。

Haha: Mitsuo, gēmu bakari yatte-inaide, sukoshi wa benkyō shitara?

Mitsuo: Kāsan, mokuteki mo naku benkyō shite mo, jikan o muda ni shite-iru ni suginai-n da yo. Motto kōritsu o kangaenai to.

Mother: Mitsuo, rather than playing video games at all times, why put on’t you research a little?

Mitsuo: Mom, examining without any objective is nothing more than a wild-goose chase. We must assume more of performance.

The pattern Xに過ぎない, in which “X” can be a noun or verb expression in its simple type, signals that something is merely/just/nothing more than “X,” and also it’s utilized when speaking down on your own or various other points:


(He is simply a trainee.)


Bonus Dialogue: Mr. Ohsaki is offered an honor by the head of state for his concepts for brand-new items.


大崎: ありがとうございます。私(わたし)には過ぎた名誉(めいよ)です。

社長: しかし、定年(ていねん)直前(ちょくぜん)に新製品(しんせいひん)の社内(しゃない)コンテストに応募(おうぼ)して最優秀賞を取(と)るなんて、すごいですよ。しかも、すばらしい売(う)れ行(ゆ)きです。

大崎: いえ、私はちょっとアイデアを出(だ)したに過ぎません。ほんの思(おも)いつきに過ぎない私のアイデアを採用(さいよう)し、商品化(しょうひんか)してくださった開発室(かいはつしつ)の方々(かたがた)のおかげです。

社長: 定年まであと3か月(さんかげつ)しかないのが残念(ざんねん)ですが、その後(あと)も嘱託(しょくたく)で残(のこ)ってくれるそうですね。

大崎: はい、社員(しゃいん)の一人(ひとり)に過ぎない私ですが、体(からだ)が動(うご)く限(かぎ)り、会社(かいしゃ)とともにありたいと思(おも)います。

社長: ありがとう。大崎さんのような人(ひと)がわが社(しゃ)を支(ささ)えてくれているということがよくわかります。よろしくお願(ねが)いしますよ。

President: Mr. Ohsaki, congratulations for (getting) the highest possible honor.

Ohsaki: Thank you. It’s an honor that is way too much for me.

President: However, that you requested the brand-new item internal competition prior to your retired life, and also won the highest possible honor, is spectacular. Moreover, it is marketing remarkably.

Ohsaki: Well, I simply sent my suggestion. It was all down to individuals in the growth division that took my suggestion, which had actually simply been a concept, and also advertised it.

President: It’s regrettable that you have just 3 months left till you get to old age, however I listened to that you will certainly continue to be as a part-time worker afterwards.

Ohsaki: Yes, I’m a plain worker, however while I’m healthy and balanced, I desire to be with the business.

President: Thank you. I can see plainly that individuals like you, Mr. Ohsaki, are sustaining our business. I trust you, thanks quite.


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