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Japan’s summer season transformed by coronavirus

As the rainy season finishes, Japan is going into summer without its normal scenes of celebrations, fireworks and also open coastlines this year as the story coronavirus remains to spread out in the nation.

Shonan and also various other well-known coastlines in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, lack huts or lifeguards as individuals have actually been suggested to steer clear of in the middle of stringent coronavirus control actions.

Photo taken Aug. 1, 2020 reveals an indication in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, that coastlines are closed for swimming. (Kyodo)

An organization standing for around 40 coastline hut drivers in Zushi in the prefecture claimed some participants cannot make ends fulfill without opening their huts, while they remain to patrol and also tidy up as individuals are still going to coastlines that are not out-of-bounds.

Even those going to coastlines are taking anti-virus actions, consisting of keeping social distancing and also using face masks.

“I missed the Sun,” claimed a lady in her 70s staying in Fujisawa as she saw a coastline in the Kanagawa Prefecture city with her boy and also his household for the very first time this year.

Wearing a face mask and also sunglasses, the female claimed she takes pleasure in viewing her grandchild having fun in the waves.

In northeastern Japan, the Omagari firework celebration in Daisen, Akita Prefecture, which draws in 700,000 site visitors yearly, was terminated for the very first time in 73 years, leaving numerous firework spheres in supply.

“We hope to prepare our best work, hoping the festival will be held next year,” claimed Kentaro Saito, 40, head of state of Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks, which had actually prepared 20,000 firework spheres for the occasion.

Kentaro Saito, head of state of Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks, with a supply of fireworks spheres. (Kyodo)

Other well-known celebrations have actually been terminated, consisting of the Aomori Nebuta celebration, in which big brightened drifts ceremony in the city of Aomori, and also the Sendai Tanabata Festival in Miyagi Prefecture, understood for its hanging decors.

In Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, ice manufacturers have actually endured an impact from the termination of summer celebrations and also occasions in which cut ice is commonly offered.

“July and August are the best time for business, but I expect our sales this year to fall to 30 percent or less of the previous year’s levels,” claimed Osamu Maeda, 66.

The coronavirus pandemic has actually likewise required modifications to kids’s summer trip prepares as numerous colleges have actually reduced summer breaks to offset closures in springtime under a state of emergency situation.

A team holding workout occasions for kids in Sapporo, Hokkaido, claimed it had actually made a decision not to ask grade school trainees to take part as their breaks are restricted.

Japan’s National High School Baseball Championship this summer has actually been aborted complying with the termination of its springtime competition.

“I’ve never experienced a downturn like this,” claimed Hatsue Fujisaka, 78, that runs a dining establishment near Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, where the finals are held.

Without numerous senior high school baseball gamers going to the dining establishment, her hubby Etsuo, 81, claimed he really feels unfortunate, however included, “I’ll take care of my own health and keep working.”

An workout occasion in Sapporo on July 30, 2020. (Kyodo)  


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