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Japan weather agency issues erroneous quake warning | JT

The Meteorological Agency provided a very early warning Thursday early morning that a quake that was anticipated to strike Tokyo as well as various other surrounding locations.

A quake with an approximated size of 5.8 happened off Torishima, a remote Japanese island in the Pacific, at around 9: 36 a.m., at a deepness of concerning 60 kilometres.

However, no quake resonances gauging shindo 1 or greater on the Japanese seismic strength range were observed.

“We overestimated the magnitude at 7.3 and erroneously located the focus at a point south of the Boso Peninsula, which is totally different from the actual one,” claimed Takashi Kato, supervisor of the agency’s Earthquake as well as Tsunami Observation Division.

“We apologize for causing such a disturbance,” he claimed at a press conference.

Kato claimed precision is in some cases challenging when attempting to establish a quake’s center in remote island locations as a result of an absence of monitoring factors.

Based on Wednesday’s erroneous judgment, the agency provided a warning for the Kanto-Koshin as well as Tokai areas in eastern to main Japan, Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan as well as Niigata Prefecture, in main Japan.

The agency advised of quake resonances gauging shindo top 5 on Miyakejima, component of the Izu island chain, as well as reduced to top 5 on Niijima as well as Izuoshima, likewise Izu islands, as well as in southerly Chiba.


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