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Japan Times 1945: New-kind bombs used in raid on Hiroshima | JT


Friday, Aug. 20, 1920

Women might participate in political conferences

1920 | JT

The authorities have actually made a decision to eliminate the authorities law restricting ladies to participate in political public conferences.

It will certainly be kept in mind that the ladies’s leaders did their finest throughout the current session of the Diet to protect the abolition of guidelines versus them.

The authorities have actually held duplicated meetings on the concern as well as contend last composed their minds to eliminate the law over pointed out, however not that which restricts ladies to take part in any kind of public presentation of a political nature.

The introduced reform will certainly be reported at basic conference of the New Women’s Association to be held on Sunday following.


Thursday, Aug. 9, 1945

New-kind bombs used in raid on Hiroshima

1945 | JT

President Truman’s news on Monday that American airplane had actually gone down a new-type bomb in an assault on the Japanese landmass was bitterly criticised by the Vatican spokesperson that stated that the information produced a “painful impression” in the Holy See claims a Reuters broadcast got in Stockholm. The brand-new bomb is considered as a more action in the instructions of unplanned work of ways of devastation, the spokesperson stated.

New-kind bombs were used by the handful of superforts that robbed Hiroshima on Monday early morning, triggering substantial damages to the city quarters, the Imperial Headquarters introduced, in its communique released at 3: 30 p.m. Tuesday.

The communique adheres to:

“1. In the assault made by a handful of B-29’s on August 6, substantial damages was triggered to Hiroshima City.

“2. In this assault, the adversary used new-type bombs. Details are currently under examination.”


Wednesday, Aug. 19, 1970

MPD studies Shinjuku in hippie headcount

1970 | JT

Shinjuku’s immigrants’ hippie nest was populated by 65 individuals from 65 nations, according to a current study by the Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the study performed in late July, the nest’s populace was 27 Americans (2 ladies); 8 British (1 lady); 8 French (1 lady); 6 Canadians (1 lady); 3 Germans; 3 Swedes; 3 Swiss; 1 Argentine as well as 1 Malaysian.

About two-thirds of them had visitor visas which stand for 2 months prior to a revival is called for. Some have actually lived below for greater than 6 months, having actually restored their visas two times.

Thirty-2 of them were trainees. There were additionally educators, firm workers, musicians as well as soldiers.

More than fifty percent of them came straight to Shinjuku upon arrival at Tokyo International Airport, having actually learnt through others of a resort in Shinjuku where possibilities might be discovered.

Twenty-4 remained at the resort situated at Shinjuku 4-chome where the over night cost is ¥300.

They made money showing discussion in English as well as various other international languages in the daytime as well as collected near the eastern entry of the JNR Shinjuku Station in the evening for enjoyable.

Among them was an American young people, 27, jailed in the act of blowing a marihuana [sic] cigarette in his space at the resort.


Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1995

Apology released for battle: Murayama mentions incorrect nationwide plan

1995 | JT

Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama, in a declaration launched Tuesday to note the 50th wedding anniversary of the battle’s end, supplied a simple apology as well as expression of sorrow for the country’s activities prior to as well as throughout World War II.

He recognized the damages as well as experiencing caused upon various other Asian nations by Japan’s colonial policy as well as hostility, calling it the outcome of an incorrect nationwide plan.

However, Murayama stated all issues worrying Japan’s war time remedy have actually been lawfully resolved with a collection of worldwide treaties, as well as the federal government will certainly not make up people, consisting of previous “comfort women.”

Nevertheless, he stated his federal government would certainly remain to attend to postwar concerns with genuineness.

In the declaration, which was accepted by the Cabinet, the head of state gave thanks to the United State as well as various other countries for their assistance as well as help in the postwar restoration.

He stated the lessons of battle need to be passed on so the future generation will certainly not duplicate the mistakes in Japan’s background.

“During a certain period in the not-too-distant past, Japan, following a mistaken national policy, advanced along the road to war, only to ensnare the Japanese people in a fateful crisis, and, through its colonial rule and aggression, caused tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries, particularly those of Asian nations,” Murayama stated.

“I regard, in a spirit of humility, these irrefutable facts of history, and express here once again my feelings of deep remorse and state my heartfelt apology,” he proceeded.

“Japan must eliminate self-righteous nationalism, promote international coordination as a responsible member of the international community and, thereby, advance the principles of peace and democracy,” Murayama stated. “At this time of remembrance, I declare to people of Japan and abroad my intention to make good faith the foundation of our government policy, and this is my vow.”

During a press conference after he checked out the declaration, Murayama did not state particularly what plan had actually been a blunder, worrying that the factor is to acknowledge that Japan caused fantastic suffering as well as damages to individuals of numerous countries, particularly in Asia.

He stated that the late Emperor Showa births no battle duty.

Compiled by Leo Howard. In this function, we look into JT’ 124-year archive to offer an option of tales from the past. JT’ archive is currently readily available in electronic layout. For even more information, see jtimes.jp/de.

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