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Japan on air: The best podcasts about the Land of the Rising Sun | JT

Whether you’ve been on the podcast bandwagon from the begin, or have actually just just recently started to pay attention, brand-new programs turn up regularly. They’re an excellent means to maintain current with the information, obtain a brand-new point of view on an individual rate of interest or just discover something fascinating. There’s a podcast for every single subject under the sun which, of training course, consists of Japan. Here’s an option of Japan-associated programs, covering every little thing from the day’s headings to language and also society, to obtain you began.


Deep Dive from JT

OK, yes, we’re proclaiming our very own horn. Hosted by editor Oscar Boyd, “Deep Dive from JT” is a long-form podcast that digs much deeper right into the tales behind the headings and also right into Japan’s bigger social patterns. Boyd’s visitor checklist consists of the paper’s press reporters, editors and also various other market professionals that bring the information to life while losing light on the craft of journalism. Standout episodes consist of No. 20, “Fear and Loathing on Mount Fuji,” and also No. 53, “Why Japan Needs Black Lives Matter.”

Japan on the Record

Started in 2015, “Japan on the Record” offers Japan scholars and also academics a system to show on modern information concerns. Produced and also organized by Yale University’s Tristan R. Grunow, from the college’s Council of East Asian Studies, it’s freshening to see academics obtain a much more noticeable system to link their study to the headings. Check out the current episode, “Blackface, Whitewashing, and Anti-Black Racism in Japan,” including Dr. John G. Russell of Gifu University, for a brand-new angle on Black Lives Matter.

Disrupting Japan

“Disrupting Japan” is one of the a lot more popular Japan-associated podcasts. Self-proclaimed “serial startup founder” and also Head of Google for Startups Japan Tim Romero consults with CEOs about the nation’s start-up scene. Romero is a well-informed and also appealing host, making organisation material appealing also to the layperson. New uploads have actually been much less constant because of COVID-19, yet the material is as brightened as ever before. If the “What Makes People Pay for New Online Events” episode is any type of sign, the pandemic will certainly be the driver for lots of fascinating discussions ahead.


Japan Eats!

Nonprofit Heritage Radio Network has actually been generating excellent food radio for over a years, and also “Japan Eats!,” component of its normal shows, is no exemption. Host Akiko Katayama skillfully debunks Japanese food, and also she brings a varied actors of cooks, manufacturers and also Japanese food professionals on the reveal to damage down the principles behind its meals. You’ll leave from each episode both educated and also starving for even more.

Uncanny Japan

Japan has a significant canon of ghosts, evil spirits and also various other points that go bump in the evening that terrify, yet amaze. Good point American deportee and also writer Thersa Matsuura utilizes her multilingual capabilities to bring them all to life, full with spectacular history songs, in “Uncanny Japan.” Want to understand exactly how to curse your adversaries? Why tsukumogami (100-year-old items that acquire a heart) play methods? Or exactly how about the urban myth of the slit-mouthed lady? Matsuura has you covered. And her voice is so comforting, you’ll practically fail to remember the shivers diminishing your spinal column.

History of Japan

Japanese background is a naturally remarkable subject, and also “History of Japan” informs tales you understand — and also a lot more you don’t — in an easy-to-understand, appealing design. Host Isaac Meyer, a previous doctoral pupil concentrating on contemporary Japan at the University of Washington, doesn’t overproduce the episodes. In reality, there’s no songs or various other audio impacts whatsoever, which just makes it less complicated to concentrate on the story.


Tokyo Speaks

Originally referred to as “Raw Urban Mobile Podcast,” this self-described “inclusive” podcast was rebranded in January as “Tokyo Speaks.” Each episode, host and also manufacturer Terrence Holden (also known as Cliff) brings on visitor audio speakers from Tokyo’s global neighborhood to speak about their job and also the facts of life in Japan. Recently, Cliff has actually additionally consisted of a 2nd visitor host to aid maintain the discussion streaming. New episodes will certainly be a little bit uneven because of COVID-19, yet there’s a significant back directory to resolve in the meanwhile.

Voices in Japan

Hokkaido citizens Ben and also Burke obtain with each other weekly to conversation and also “discover what everyday life in Japan is really like” on “Voices in Japan.” It’s a conversation-style podcast, so it’s a lot less scripted than a lot of podcasts. Topics run the range from job, love, family members, college and also basic life battles, and also although it’s clear Ben and also Burke love Japan, they are properly vital (when the scenario requires it) without coming off as simple peevish deportees.

The Tofugu Podcast

It’s obvious that an important part of life in Japan is, well, Japanese, and also we might all possibly stand to obtain a little much better. While “The Tofugu Podcast” doesn’t declare to educate you the language, it does go into the complex grammar nitty-gritty — what is the distinction in between na- and also no- adjectives, anyhow? — and also language frameworks. But it does so in a welcoming round-table style, including a panel of both indigenous audio speakers and also language students. The ambiance of each episode is of pals stressing over language, instead of a completely dry lecture.

There’s additionally a variety of specific niche choices. Check out “8-4 Play” for thorough conversations on Japanese computer game; “Sake on Air” for biweekly information about your preferred alcohols; and also if you simply wish to kick back with some songs, shot “Japan Jukebox.”


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