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Gifu factory town shocked by news of Mitsubishi SUV plant closure | JT

Mitsubishi Motors Corp.’s statement on Monday of the closure of a factory that makes its Pajero SUV came as a shock to the town of Sakahogi, Gifu Prefecture, where the plant lies.

There is expanding issue over the effect of the closure of the factory — which employs around 1,200 employees, making it the biggest regional company — on the town’s economic situation, work and also financial resources.

“I was shocked because it was so sudden,” claimed Sakahogi Mayor Yoshiya Shibayama at a news meeting the exact same day. Shibayama was outlined the strategy from Mitsubishi Motors execs on July 22, he claimed.

According to the Sakahogi Municipal Government, the plant was partly surrounded March adhering to the COVID-19 break out.

“We had been told that they would have a clear idea by the end of the year (on fully resuming plant operation), so we are totally astonished (by the latest decision),” Shibayama claimed.

Mitsubishi Motors claimed Monday it is anticipating a team bottom line of ¥360 billion for the existing service year via March as a result of slow sales as the coronavirus pandemic takes its toll.

It would certainly be up from the ¥25.7 billion loss uploaded in the previous service year and also the biggest given that a loss of ¥474.7 billion taped in monetary 2004, when the company sustained enormous recall prices.

As component of restructuring actions, the company claimed it will certainly quit generating its Pajero SUV at a plant run by its subsidiary Pajero Manufacturing Co. in Gifu in the initial fifty percent of monetary 2021 and also shut the plant.

Production of the Pajero for the residential market finished in 2015, yet the SUV has actually been produced for abroad markets. Mitsubishi Motors claimed it will certainly stop the manufacturing of the Pajero totally and also move manufacturing of various other automobiles at the Gifu plant to its factory in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture.

Pajero Manufacturing has a 44-year background in the town, after its precursor Toyo Koki moved its factory to Sakahogi in 1976. The town, with a populace of 8,200, has actually advertised automobile manufacturing as its major sector and also took satisfaction in the factory birthing the name of an epic auto that won the Paris-Dakar Rally a number of times.

According to the Sakahogi federal government, the town’s tax obligation earnings associated with Pajero Manufacturing comprised 13 percent of complete company tax obligation earnings and also 22 percent of property tax earnings in monetary 2019, getting to 15 percent of the town’s total tax obligation earnings. As numerous as 12 business in the town have straight purchases with the company.

While sharing issue, Shibayama claimed brand-new means to create the town will certainly be checked out. “We hope to attract a company of good standing to the town with the help of the Mitsubishi group,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, an authorities from the town’s organization of business and also sector claimed that after Mitsubishi Motors’ detraction including the control of gas performance information arised in 2016, some regional companies working with the business moved their emphasis to constructing connections with various other car manufacturers.

“The impact (of the plant closure) would be limited,” claimed the authorities. “We are told that Pajero Manufacturing’s business will be transferred to Mitsubishi Motors’ factory in Okazaki. We hope the companies in the town will be able to continue doing business with the firm.”

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. Chief Executive Officer Takao Kato discusses the company’s monetary losses throughout a news meeting Monday in Tokyo. | THANKS TO MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORP. / VIA KYODO

The proprietor of an automobile components maker with 10 to 20 percent of its service pertaining to Pajero Manufacturing additionally claimed, “We won’t be affected that much.”

On the various other hand, individuals associated with running apartment or condos or dining establishments utilized by the factory’s employees fret about the results of the plant closure.

“We are already affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and now we will be hit doubly hard,” claimed a dining establishment proprietor. “We will have to decide at some point whether to close the place.”

On Monday evening, at the major gateway of the factory, which births an indication stating “the birthplace of Mitsubishi Pajero,” most employees leaving the plant avoided discussing Mitsubishi Motors’ statement.

“We haven’t been given any explanation ourselves, so we don’t know,” claimed a guy operating in the production area. “I want to talk, but …” claimed one more worker.

Gifu Gov. Hajime Furuta informed press reporters Monday that it is “extremely regrettable for the region” that Mitsubishi Motors decided.

He gotten in touch with the company to “give sufficient and careful consideration” to problems that create the plant closure, consisting of the work of some 1,000 employees, proceeding service with automobile components distributors and also exactly how to make use of the plant website.

The guv additionally claimed the prefectural federal government will certainly establish an appointment counter at its branch workplace in the city of Minokamo for the factory’s employees and also business working with the company.

This area includes subjects and also problems from the Chubu area covered by the Chunichi Shimbun. The initial post was released July 28.

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