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Best Electric Mountain Bike under $1000

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If you’re on the market for an electric mountain bike under $1000, you’re in the right place. So far in 2020, due to the exploding demand for electric bikes for private transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic, our experts have rigorously tested multiple electric mountain bikes on Amazon based on variables such as price, durability, aesthetic beauty, and a number of other variables. 

The section below features some of the electric mountain bikes under $1000 that made the final cut. If you’re looking for a safe, convenient way to get around, you should seriously consider the electric mountain bikes on this list.

Our final verdict

Ancheer Mountain Electric bike

Top Pick

Mac Wheel Electric Mountain Bike

Budget Option

Ecotric Electric Mountain bike

Best Alternative

Electric Bikes under $1000: More Details

Ancheer Mountain Electric bike

After we spent time, and resources comparing this electric mountain bike to others, and studying other respectable reviewers’ opinions, the list below is a snapshot of the general consensus on this electric bike.

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Buy this mountain electric mountain bike because –

It packs beautifully, and is great if you travel quite a bit and need your electric mountain bike in other cities

21 speed, drive-train makes it feel like a power bike as opposed to a regular folding one

Alloy disc brakes guarantee your safety by ensuring that you’ll stop exactly when you want to

Full throttle mode that can reach speeds of up to 17mph without the need for pedalling

Consider other mountain electric mountain bikes under $1000 because –

Takes a while to reach full charge, typically a minimum of four hours, and up to six if you’ve been riding hard. 

60lbs can be difficult to bundle about if you have to mix private and public transportation to get to your location.

Built in battery can be a drag especially since it’s fitted to the front of your electric mountain bike

Summary – 

All things considered, the Ancheer 26 Inch electric mountain mountain bike under $1000 is a tremendous option for its price range coming with high-end brakes, great batteries and a support for ergonomy that begins with its soft, comfortable saddle but spans across all its features and functions.

Click the button above to make a purchase, and support our work if this mountain electric bike feels like the one for you.

Mac-wheel Electric Mountain Bike – 

After analyzing the Mac-wheel electric mountain bike in line with the predefined standards, and cross-referencing our findings with other respectable reviewers, we discovered the following. 

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Buy this mountain electric mountain bike because –

Pre-assembled for your convenience so for the most part, you won’t need any special technical expertise

LED light makes it the ideal electric bike for night travel, or a great to have feature during an emergency

Great for all your long-distance rides with a single-charge range of up to 60 miles

If you’re into powerful machines, its motor is perfect as it comes complete with significant power at about 15mph 

Consider other mountain electric mountain bikes under $1000 because –

Built in battery is only suitable for low voltage charge – if you’re travelling  outside North America, it might be difficult to make it work. 

Summary –

For its price, the Mac-Wheel electric mountain bike gets a lot of things right. First, once it ships, you get a motor with a maximum speed of 15.5 mph so you’ve always got enough power at your disposal.

Also, at 62 miles on a single charge, for its price, it’s a steal. If distance, durability and a rugged build are important to you, you should consider this option. 

Ecotric Electric Mountain Bike – 

The Ecotric fat tyre was a tricky one for us – pun intended 😉 Getting one was tough but securing all the permissions to test it out took even more work – we did it though. Here’s what we learned.

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Buy this mountain electric mountain bike because –

Great for speedsters as it comes with 500W of pure motor power, and a power 7-Gear shifting system.

This electric bike is light but powerful carrying over 300lbs on 50lbs of net frame weight

This electric mountain bike is simple to assemble – so you’re not frustrated when it arrives

Consider other mountain electric bikes under $1000 because –

It’s Tektro mechanical brakes are great but not all-terrain great. If you’re looking to go on rough terrain, you should consider other options

Long battery charge which means you’ll have to pre-plan every trip – a single charge takes about 8 hours but hey, who’s counting ;0


While a few bikes did not make it to this list for various reasons, these are ones we tried, and can vouch for. We hope you find our insights useful. Leave a comment, like, share and support our page by making a purchase. Happy riding!

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