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Cardboard Creations: Arty, eco-friendly Kami-waraji cardboard sandals

Corrugated cardboard is light, breathable, eco-friendly as well as completely recyclable.

Innovative Kami-waraji sandals use this functional product in a spin on an age-old Japanese standby. The woven-straw sandals called waraji were as soon as a vital product for vacationers in Japan. Kami-waraji appear like typical waraji, however their soles are constructed from paper (kami) cardboard. The soles are published with stunning styles to develop enjoyable sandals that are additionally masterpiece.

Brand marketer Masayuki Watanabe, that developed the sandals, discusses just how they originated. “In 2014, our company, Penguin Inc., was working for the Japan Tourism Agency to develop Japan branding to promote inbound tourism. We got to meet about 400 overseas visitors, and were delighted to hear them praise Japanese culture and products as ‘cool’ and ‘cute.’ We wanted to make the ultimate souvenir for them, so we came up with Kami-waraji.”

Practical shoes: Kami-waraji sandals maintain feet completely dry as well as comfy in a resort or on an aircraft.

It was a box-manufacturing firm in the Edogawa Ward of Tokyo’s historical old community that offered form to this ingenious suggestion. Of program, the firm had actually never ever made shoes out of cardboard, however it functioned progressively along with Watanabe, refining the toughness as well as convenience of the item. For the cherry bloom, koi fish as well as various other distinctly Japanese styles, a silkscreen printing procedure was utilized to create in-depth, distinctive pictures.

Eco-shoes: The soles are made from five layers of strong corrugated cardboard, and the straps are 100 percent cotton. The sandals have a nonslip underside.
Eco-footwear: The soles are made from 5 layers of solid corrugated cardboard, as well as the bands are 100 percent cotton. The sandals have a nonslip bottom.

Even Watanabe was astonished by the favorable feedback that the Kami-waraji got. All 200 of the non-Japanese he evaluated in Tokyo enjoyed the sandals. A variety of business that checked out examples wound up buying personalized styles, as well as Penguin came to be really active.

“We were very happy, but at the same time, that delayed the sale of Kami-waraji as souvenirs,” claims Watanabe.

Chikako Shimizu added the message for this write-up. Visit kamiwaraji.jp to learn more.

For much more understanding right into Japan’s society, arts as well as way of life, check out int.kateigaho.com.


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