Bereaved kin climb Mount Ontake to mourn volcano disaster victims | JT


Families of victims that passed away in the September 2014 eruption of Mount Ontake, which eliminated 58 individuals and also left 5 others unaccounted for, climbed up the hill in main Japan on Friday to mourn their liked ones.

Among them was Toshiaki Nomura, 60, whose boy Ryota went missing out on in Japan’s most dangerous postwar volcanic disaster. “For the past six years, I’ve missed (my son). I want to bring him home as soon as possible.”

A total amount of 10 individuals, consisting of bereaved family members, rose the location called Otaki Peak, which climbs to 2,936-meters, and also supplied quiet petitions at 11: 52 a.m., the moment of the eruption.

Entry limitations on the course to Otaki Peak were raised for the very first time because the eruption, although some member of the family of the victims had actually currently climbed up to the top of the 3,067-meter hill in September 2018.

The eruption happened on Sept. 27, 2014, when the sharp degree for the volcano, which straddles Nagano and also Gifu prefectures, was evaluated 1, the most affordable on a range of 5.

A Cabinet Office study launched in 2014 revealed concerning fifty percent of the towns near energetic volcanoes do not have emptying strategies in case of an emergency situation.

Only 105 of the 190 cities, communities and also towns in assigned caution locations near Japan’s 49 volcanoes had actually assembled emptying strategies since July in 2014 under a regulation that was modified in 2015 complying with the nation’s most dangerous postwar volcanic disaster, the study stated.

The legislation modification was targeted at enhancing readiness for such a scenario by requiring city governments near volcanoes to formulate emptying strategies based upon threat maps and also disaster circumstances.

But the towns have actually pointed out troubles in formulating the strategies due to an absence of professionals and also information on previous eruptions.



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