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Abe mourns former Taiwan President Lee, says he fostered ties with Japan | JT

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday supplied words of acknowledgement for former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui that passed away the previous day at age 97, commending him for cultivating relationships with Japan.

“President Lee Teng-hui made great contributions to enhancing friendly ties between Japan and Taiwan,” Abe informed press reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The president’s death is truly regrettable and I pray for his soul from the bottom of my heart,” Abe claimed, including that Lee progressed flexibility, freedom and also civils rights in Taiwan.

Lee, that had actually remained in a coma given that Feb. 17, was obvious dead at 7: 24 p.m. Thursday at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. The medical facility provided the reason of fatality as several body organ failing.

Lee played a crucial function in the self-ruled island’s democratization. He matured under Japanese regulation in Taiwan, which lasted from 1895 to 1945, and also was understood for his fondness for Japan.

“Japanese people have special feelings of closeness to him as a person who built the foundation of Japan-Taiwan relations,” Abe claimed.

Japan has actually created nongovernmental, working-level relationships with Taiwan throughout the years. The Asian next-door neighbors currently take pleasure in close financial ties and also raised people-to-people exchanges.


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