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A Guide to Buying the Best Electric Bikes in Japan

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Electric Bikes are awesome! Not only do they allow you to get around town easily, but they also save you money and lots of time wasted in traffic, and all this while keeping you fit, healthy, and happy. 

After the initial cost of purchase, electric bikes only require some light maintenance which you can either learn to do yourself with free online DIY instructionals or find a local retailer who offers maintenance services at a cost. That way, you free up money that you can spend on Miso soup, tangerines, or a nice gift for your lover.

If you’re thinking that’s all ebikes can do to help you, you’re wrong! There’s even more…


These days, many Nihonjin are conscious of the environment and if you’re still reading, I know you are too. One way in which you can help to keep Japan’s beautiful environment safe is by using an e-bike instead of a car. Read the next section if you’re looking to discover how an e-bike can help you find love if not, this is a great time to move on!

Electric Bikes In Japan: A Quick Look

Panasonic SX VIVI 26 Inch E-Bike


Weight : 28.5 kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 8.5ah Lithium Battery
Charging Time : 4 hours
Range : 50 km (on and off-road)
Suitable for : City Ride Lovers

Peltech Folding 20 Inch E-Bike


Weight : 26 kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 6.0ah Lithium-ion Battery
Charging Time : 3.5 hours
Range : 35 km (on and off-road)
Suitable for : City Ride Lovers

Panasonic VIVI DX Electric Bike


Weight : 29.2 kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 16.0ah Lithium-ion Battery
Charging Time : 4.5 hours
Range : 100 km (on and off-road)
Suitable for : Mothers/ Workers

Yamaha Electric Bike (PAS CHEER)


Weight : 23.5 kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 9.3ah Lithium-ion Battery
Charging Time : 2.5 hours
Range : 54 km (on and off-road)
Suitable for : Sales People

Bridgestone Electric Bicycle


Weight : 25.2 kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 6.2ah Lithium-ion Battery
Range : 36 km (eco-mode)
Suitable for : Folks on a budget

Voldy 26 Inch Electric Bike


Weight: 25.5kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 24v 6.4ah Lithium-ion
Range : 20 km (on road)
Brake lever : Anti-Rust Aluminium
Suitable for : The Fashionable

26 Inch Pastel F Electric Bike


Weight : 23kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 24v 5ah Lithium-ion
Suitable for : DIY Lovers

Sakura Mom 3 SKM63 Electric Bike


Weight : 25kg
Frame : Lightweight
Child Seat Weight : 3.6kg
Rear brake : Roller brake
Carrier : Class 27
Suitable for: Moms

Kiss Mini Un Kiss Minian Electric Bike


Weight : 25.2 kg
Frame : Lightweight
Battery : 12.3ah Lithium-ion Battery
Charging time : 3.5 hours
Suitable for : Moms

Electric Bikes In Japan: More Details

Panasonic SX VIVI 26 Inch E-Bike


At a net weight of about 25.8kgs, this e-bike comes in a sleek, light-weight frame that complements your motion, and allows you to navigate tiny city streets or wide-open spaces seamlessly, with no lag at all. 

Whether you live in a crowded city like Tokyo or on the beautiful Teshima Island, you can go on all your adventures without any worries as the VIVI electric bike is built to help you get things done. Fast.  

If you get around a lot and like to visit your friends and enjoy the outdoors, you should know that although its 8.5ah lithium battery only takes about 4 hours to reach full charge, you can cover 50km off and on-road without worrying about adapters or a road switch if you use its pedal-assist system. 

If you choose to buy this electric bike, you can put all your worries about saddle theft away as it comes complete with an anti-theft system for your safety and ultimate convenience. 

Peltech Folding 20 Inch E-Bike


The Peltech is an engineering masterpiece. It comes with the famous Japan Denken motors and although this is not a typical mountain bike, you can enjoy a fun day on the slopes with this one.  

If you’re looking to break new ground in Japan and experience something new, this e-bike is a great way to do that. At an incredible 26kg, this lightweight machine will make your daily rides to and from work enjoyable and leave you with a lightheaded buzz every time you get out and about on it. 

Built into its design is a deep empathy for you and the demands of your day with a spacey front basket, an easy to use rear wheel lock, and a front LED light if you ever have to get around when it gets dark.  

If you buy this electric bike, you can rest easy knowing that its rear lock is easy to use, durable and a sturdy defence against thieves. Despite an array of incredible features, this e-bike comes in at only 26kg and is easy to pack as you explore the beautiful Island nation of Japan for work, and play. 

Panasonic VIVI DX Electric Bike


If you’ve moved to Japan with your bundle of joy or are expecting a child soon, then you should buy this electric bike now, or sometime soon. 

Not only does this electric bike come with a spacey luggage area, but the resin-basket case is also designed to prevent unwanted marks on your luggage and protect it wherever you go. 

Also, once it’s shipped, you can go on your rides with your baby on this e-bike’s class 27 rear carrier upon which you attach a child seat and a saddle shape that is designed for ergonomic comfort whenever you’re out of the house. 

While you’re in Japan, you’ll probably have to spend a bit of time trying to buy the right grocery

While you’re crushing that, this electric bike is an absolute steal at just over ¥114,000 (1000 USD) as it comes complete with 100km of travel range that’ll last you days on end without a charge as you adjust to the hassle of properly parenting your baby in Japan.  . 

If you’re wondering how this helps with your child’s safety, you need not. This beautiful piece comes complete with a slim grip that helps to keep your little bundle of joy balanced on your rides. 

Yamaha Electric Assist Bike (PAS CHEER) PA26CH


If you get around a lot, the Yamaha e-bike is certainly a trusty option for you. At 24kg of net weight, you never need to worry about the physical demand of any extra weight on your body. 

If you work  in sales, direct marketing, or any job that requires that you’re constantly on the go, then this e-bike is your muse. Its durable 25.5V/9.3Ah lithium ion battery takes only 2.5 hours to reach full charge with a maximum range of about 54kms in auto eco-mode plus. 

This machine is built to serve a powerful 240W motor output to your everyday activities at work or in school and If you’re looking to get that extra edge at work or in school then this e-bike will give you a hand.  

Bridgestone Electric Bike 16FC19


At just over 800 USD, this cheap electric bicycle comes well rounded with a range of useful features that touch base on just about everything you need to have in an e-bike. This beau is both sturdy and lightweight. At just over 25kgs of gross weight, it’s good for riding and packs easily whenever you need to travel. 

Also, with just two hours of charge, you can get about 36km of road time without any need for a further charge. If you’re cash strapped or on a tight budget, you can count on this e-bike to deliver the same seamless 240W of motor power that’s available on pricier versions without any latency whatsoever. 

If you’re looking to make an impression at work or with your relationships, the Bridgestone electric bike certainly packs enough aesthetic beauty to do that and more.  Who knows, it might even help you meet someone new without breaking the bank.

Voldy 26 Inch Electric Assisted Bike


If you want to get a perfect complement to your lover’s beauty or something that shows your class to potential mates, this electric bike is your go-to. 

This durable piece comes in hot with a steel frame that ensures you never have to worry about an unexpected breakdown or irreparable damage on your daily rides. It also comes with a safe, comfortable, anti-rust aluminum brake-lever and seat post. 

In addition, it comes with a solid steel mudguard that helps to ensure that you can go as fast as you please (where it’s safe) without thinking about mud stains on your clothing. 

In addition, this e-bike comes with a 24V 6.4Ah battery and although its 8 hours of single-charge time can be a turn-off, it still delivers a tremendous amount of battery life and all for about ¥57,000 ($500)

If you’re all about the looks and want an e-bike that takes this into full account, you’re in the right spot. Make sure to take a good look at this electric bike. For a small price, it’ll certainly keep all the good eyes on you.  

26 Inch Pastel F Shimano Electric Bike


If all you ever want from you or your lover’s e-bike rides is simple, convenient and seamless motion, then this is the electric bike for you. This fantastic piece comes complete with a torque sensor that’ll make even the slightest of touches into a bright burst of motion, saving you the time and energy that active pedalling often demands.

The Pastel F also comes with a powerful 250W brushless wheel-in-motor and a battery-powered fuel gauge so that you’re always aware of how much charge is required for a full-service experience. 

At 23kg of net-weight, it’s also one of the lighter ebikes on this list with a standard, cover-enabled front basket. Whatever you’re up to in Japan, the Pastel F foldable electric bike is up for it too. 

Finally, if you’re crazy about doing DIY and setting things up yourself, this electric bike is definitely for you as you’ll have to fix the front tyres, LED lights, baskets, handles, saddles and pedals once it arrives at your door.  

Sakura Mom 3 SKM63 Electric Bike


If your family’s expecting a baby, or are planning for your second or third, this is an incredible buy! Not only does it guarantee two-child seating on a powerful rear space, but it also comes with bright LED lights so that whenever you’re out with the family, you never have to lose your way. 

For your child’s safety, when you buy this incredible machine, you also get an easy dock that keeps the seaters well balanced on your daily rides as well as roller brakes that provide incredible stopping power when you need it the most. 

Whether you’re single and looking forward to a relationship or married with little children, this e-bike is a solid purchase and will likely serve you and all those that you love for a long, long time. 

Kiss Mini Un Kiss Minian Electric Bike


If you have a family of children, and the “standing dock” models don’t appeal as much, the Kiss Mini comes with a cocoon-shaped child seat that provides full-body protection for your child. 

If your daily routine has them doing pick-ups and drop-offs at kindergarten, shopping and generally getting around with the children, then this e-bike will solve your issues permanently. 

Also, for an e-bike with this function, it is adequately lightweight at 30 kilograms with 12.3Ah, quick charge battery that takes 3.5 hours to reach full charge, and can cover over 60kms in a single charge. 

If you live on any of the remote Islands, this e-bike has strong mode acceptance that adapts it to the terrain by saving battery charge when you’re riding on a slope and expending just what is required when you’re riding on a flat surface. 


What is the most important thing to consider when buying an electric bike in Japan?

How much range can the battery cover?

If you’re going to new places properly in Japan, you need an electric bike that can deliver as much battery power as possible. Whatever you do, don’t go for an electric bike that’ll give you less than 4 hours of reliable riding range on a single charge. 

How long does it take to reach full charge?

This relates to the first point because if you’re busy, which you probably will be, then in many cases, you cannot afford to spend too much time charging your batteries. If an E-bike takes more than 4 hours to charge, then you might want to take a step back to evaluate your routine against its costs and benefits in order to make a good purchase decision. 

How much weight can the bike hold? 

This is also an important point. While plus-sized people might pay more attention to this point more than others, nursing mothers and fathers also need to look out for this information. This is because matching the right weight to you and your family’s needs can radically improve the e-bike’s performance as well as your experience as you explore Japan. 

What brand of electric bike will provide the most value to you in Japan?

In Japan, Panasonic, Yamaha and Bridgestone are the three companies that dominate the full electric bike market as well as the manufacturing, and distribution of the components that make it up. 

While Yamaha builds the best batteries in Japan, Bridgestone is well optimized in manufacturing to come up with the best electric bike frames. Panasonic is fully integrated and manufactures its own frames and batteries as a result. 

While the different brands emphasize different components in design and engineering, they all offer similar value to price on most of the models on offer. 

Whatever you do, it is likely that what represents the most value for you is different from any other person who might want an e-bike. While some e-bike’s offer advanced safety features, others are more renowned for convenience. Ultimately, you’ll probably enjoy the most value from your electric bike when its features perfectly complement your day to day life. 

How much do electric bikes cost on an average in Japan?

How much an electric bike costs will depend on the design and engineering modifications which it offers. Typically, batteries are a significant cost variable and so the higher the Ah of your battery, the more your electric bike will cost. 

Whatever you do, a budget at about  ¥120, 000 ($1200) will get you a high calibre machine in Japan. If you’re on a budget, there are less pricier models which offer a wide range of useful features but usually have less power and range than the more costly alternatives.


Now that you are in Japan, buying the right electric bike can set you on the right path. Not only will it improve your health, save you money, and protect the environment, it will also help you to get around in a sustainable way. All in all, the electric bikes on this list provide safety, convenience, aesthetic complement and a safe way to get your children around your local area. 

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can about your choice from this website and others like it. This is because small differences in design and engineering between the models can have a meaningful effect on your experience.  

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