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5 Best Umeshu brands to buy in Japan

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Although Japan is famous for its obsessive culture of work, ensuring balance in your life is the best way to achieve success in Japan as you’ll be fresh, alert, and more able to connect with people that way. 

Regular drinks of Umeshu plum wine brands are a great way to enjoy your time in Japan. 

Not only do the Japanese actively work to sustain its historical significance, they’re also more likely to bond with you if you have a cup in hand, and a smile on your face. 

Once it ships, you’ll find that although a lot of Umeshu brands are alcoholic, they also help to alleviate exhaustion, prevent constipation, and stimulate your appetite.

 To this end, find below a guide to the best Umeshu liquor brands in Japan. 

Best Umeshu brands In Japan: A Quick Look

Suntory Plum Wine:

Suntory Plum Wine

Weight: 1.46kg
Alcohol content: 14%
Main Ingredients: Japanese plum
Liquid volume: 660ml

Choya Single year Umeshu:

Choya Single year Umeshu

Weight: 1.43kg
Alcohol content: 15%
Main Ingredients: Nantaka plum
Liquid volume: 650ml

Manzairaku Kaga Plum wine:

Weight: 1.32kg
Alcohol content: 14%
Main Ingredients: Ome, brewed alcohol
Liquid volume: 720ml

Suntory Casked Umeshu:

Suntory casked Umeshu

Weight: 1.39kg
Alcohol content: 17%
Main Ingredients: Ume, Whiskey
Liquid volume: 750ml

Concentrated plum wine (24 bottles):

Concentrated plum wine

Weight: 9.38kg (24 bottles)
Alcohol content: 10%
Main Ingredients: Honey, Plum
Liquid volume: 180ml

Best Umeshu brands In Japan: More Details

Suntory Plum Wine:

Suntory Plum Wine

If you want a plum wine that’s as exquisite as it’s old and sweet, the Suntory plum wine is too good a bargain to pass up. 

Performance ratio like no other

With all the beauty and majesty of its presence in a liquid volume of about 660ml, this wonderful drink is made for anyone who has a passion for a good drink. 

What’s more?

Japanese distillation

All the original Japanese distillation and fermentation techniques were religiously adhered to in the making of this plum wine.

Once it ships, you get the polyphenol-rich acerbic tones, moderate sweetness and a distinct after taste that’ll leave you warm in the temple and light in the heart all evening. 

Mildly Alcoholic

With an alcohol integrity of about 14%, it also comes with a mild kick that’s useful when you’re in great company and looking to speak from the heart. 

With this brand, you also get 660ml of liquid volume for your utmost enjoyment with family, friends and loved ones. 

Popular choice on Amazon

While the over 200 sterling reviews on amazon Japan mean you’ll most probably have a great time with this drink, it’s important to exercise self-restraint and drink responsibly. 

If you’re on the market for a great mid-range sweet tasting, alcoholic plum wine, the Suntory plum wine is the one for you. 

Choya Single year Umeshu:

Choya single year Umeshu

If you’re looking for an Umeshu that entails a rich combination of great alcoholic integrity and medicinal usefulness, then the Choya single year Umeshu is the one for you. 

Zero Additives

Not only do you get the purest expression of the Nantaka plum, you also get a drink with no artificial additives, acidulants, flavourings or colourings. 

With the Choya single year Umeshu, you get exactly what you ordered, plum rich, high quality Umeshu. You also get more!

The Ume fruit which is the source material for this great beverage is historical to Asia and was revered for many centuries as a great option for optimal social enjoyment. 

Sourced directly from Wakayama

While there are many varieties of Ume in Japan, the Choya single year Umeshu is sourced from the premium Nanko-ume which comes plump in flesh and high in acidity from the Wakayama province with a delicious tang just for you. 

The delicious tang that this plum wine carries is achieved by aging the organically obtained plums with stones inside. Its refreshing flavour, which is widely loved all over this beautiful Island comes from the citric acid base which it carries. 

Medicinal properties

One of the many medicinal properties of the Choya single year Umeshu comes from the wonders that it does for your appetite. 

Also, if you’re really busy, as you’ll most likely be once work kicks in, the Choya single year Umeshu is chemically engineered by nature as the perfect way to get rid of the stress. 

At a cute 1.43kg of net weight, you get 650ml of liquid volume which is great for dinner with friends or a day in with the family. 

Popular choice on Amazon Japan

While the over 61 sterling reviews on amazon Japan mean you’ll most probably have a great time with this drink, it’s important to exercise self-restraint and drink responsibly. 

If you’re on the market for a great Umeshu that’s easy to drink, sufficiently strong and a great cocktail mix, you have the right one here. 

Click on the link, have it shipped to your home and see how all your enthusiastic Japanese Umeshu loving neighbours follow. 

Manzairaku Kaga Plum wine:

Manzairaku Kaga Palm Wine

If you have aristocratic taste and are on the market for a plum wine that’ll be a wholly sacred gastronomic experience, you should really buy the Manzairaku Kaga plum wine right now. 

This wine comes complete with pure ume credentials which can stand toe to toe with any plum wine on the market. 

Superior sorting process

In the sorting process, only red plums which deliver the lightness and richness of royal majesty are selected. If you’re looking to enjoy light, richly flavoured tones from your liquor, you’ll get a kick drinking this.

Soaked in the purest waters

The pure ume is eventually soaked in some of the purest waters in Japan and aged in line with traditional Japanese customs for your optimal enjoyment. 

In addition, all the sourcing is completed in the Ishikawa province and the production process takes place in Hokuriku which ensures that your wine is a lot less travelled than most and still highly potent when it ships to you. 

You can enjoy this drink on ice rocks, with some soda, with some hot water or in a cocktail with a drink that matches its relentless sharpness with some extra edge.

Once you buy this beauty, you get a remarkable 720ml of liquid volume which is perfect in the company of friends and comrades. 

Popular product on Amazon Japan

While the over 100 sterling reviews on amazon Japan mean you’ll most probably have a great time with this drink, it’s important to exercise self-restraint and drink responsibly. 

If you’re on the market for an Umeshu plum wine for kings, you have yourself one in the Manzairaku Kaga. You should not pass it up for anything. Click the link above and have a bunch shipped over for your enjoyment. 

Suntory Casked Umeshu:

Suntory casked Umeshu

If you’ve moved to Japan and are on the market for a great Umeshu that’s blended to deliver whisky flavours to you like no other. 

Superior Aging process

The aging process of this Umeshu has to do with the immersion and aging in roasting barrels and casks that once held whiskey. 

This means that you get a compelling combination of all the medicinal goodness of the ume fruit, no additives whatsoever, as well as the unmistakable taste of whiskey goodness in one single gulp and all at once. 

Great Vanilla taste

Once it ships, what you get is a great vanilla flavour, nice sweet taste and a whiskey-finished aroma that you simply won’t get with any other product on the market currently. 

In Japan, the tradition of whiskey making has been passed down from one generation to another for 90 years and so you can be sure you’re getting a real glimpse into Japanese culture with the Suntory Casked Umeshu

You can enjoy this remarkable drink straight on the rocks or in a nice cocktail mixture with something else you like. 

At 1.39kg, this brave Umeshu also comes with a nice kick of alcohol riding high at 17% in a 750ml bottle which is ideal for you and your significant other. 

Popular Product on Amazon Japan

While the over 122 sterling reviews on amazon Japan mean you’ll most probably have a great time with this drink, it’s important to exercise self-restraint and drink responsibly. 

If you’re on the market for a great Umeshu which will give you the warm feeling of home and that unmistakable hint of whiskey which you love so much, then you should buy the Suntory Casked Umeshu while it’s still available. 

Concentrated plum wine (24 bottles):

Concentrated plum wine

If you’re looking for a great Umeshu experience without the alcohol that usually comes with it, the concentrated plum is right for you.

First, at 10% alcohol integrity, the concentrated plum wine is many orders of magnitude less alcoholic than most other brands on the market. 

Stow-away aging process

To achieve its unique taste, this Umeshu was stored out to age for five years and delivers a deeply luxurious experience as a result. 

Also, once you get it, you also get the nice ume taste which is expertly blended with honey and salt to enable a truly enjoyable experience. 

If you’re looking for a great medicinal option, the 180ml concentrated plum wine is exactly the right size you need to deliver all the wonderful medicinal nutrients of the ume right into your body. 

Packed for convenience

Although it’s smaller than most, this remarkable product also comes in a pack of 24 pieces which you can choose to store, refrigerate or drink with ice or in a cocktail depending on your preference.  

While the 18 sterling reviews on amazon Japan mean you’ll most probably have a great time with this drink, it’s important to exercise self-restraint and drink responsibly once you’ve bought it. 

If you’re on the market for a mildly alcoholic beverage with a heavy touch of Umeshu, complete with a great aromatic experience and all the natural goodness, then you should really consider buying the concentrated plum wine as soon as possible. 


What is the most important thing to consider when buying an Umeshu?

What do I want in an Umeshu?

If you’re looking to buy a bottle or a pack of Umeshu, you’re probably looking for a nice time. One of the most important considerations you should make once you decide to buy an Umeshu is how you intend to use it. 

If you’re looking for a nice drink that relaxes you with a bit of a buzz and natural de-stressing agents, then you should probably look to buy an Ume based wine. 

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a party of your neighbours and are hoping to get to know them better, you can choose any of the plum wines available.

Another thing you should look out for is how well it mixes with other drinks in a nice cold cocktail. Although just about every brand on this list mixes great, some do it better than the rest and you should look to get those ones. 

What are some of the health benefits of Umeshu?

The alkalizing effect of the Umeshu fruit can help you resolve health issues such as alcohol poisoning, diarrhea, vommiting, nausea, constipation, and a runny nose. 

Although lots of Umeshu brands come with fair bit of alcohol, they also do a great job of keeping your body in good shape. 

Also, if you’ll be meeting new people, the Umeshu is also a great way to connect with them and bond over work, play and plans for the future. 

To enjoy the many optimal health and recreational benefits of Umeshu use, it’s important that you handle yourself with some discipline and consume it responsibly.

How much does an Umeshu cost on an average?

For most of the Umeshu/ plum wines on this list, you’ll need to have anywhere between  ¥1000 ($10) to ¥6,000 ($60) to get exactly what you want.

Thankfully, many Umeshu wines are budget friendly and you can buy in bulk to save some money if you find one that speaks to you personally. 

If not, there are a wide range of budget friendly options available for you either way. 

Whatever your choice is in the end, it’s important that you enjoy your Umeshu or plum wines with a fair bit of restraint and a great deal of responsibility.

Also, knowing exactly why you want a bottle can help you buy exactly what you need – which can significantly affect your experience and enjoyment of Umeshu/ plum wines


If you’ve just moved to Japan, you’re probably worried sick about a whole bunch of things. 

Maybe you’re not and you’re having the time of your life but whatever your situation is,  Umeshu/ plum wines can help make it better. 

If you’re looking for a nice alcoholic drink that goes well in a cocktail,helps you stay healthy and consume potent medicines while you enjoy the company of your new friends, then you’re in the right place. 

Wine plum brands are great too as they’re blended to deliver a special taste as well as a wholesome gastronomic experience that you’ll always remember. 

In Japan, you have to be at least 20 years of age to enjoy any of the drinks on this list and it’s important that while you enjoy them, you pay attention to other people around you and ensure that you’re cordial and restrained at all times. 

Although all the drinks on this list are priced modestly, you’re sure to get a bang for your buck with many of the drinks coming in a remarkable, additive-free, combination of medicinal and recreational properties for your utmost enjoyment. 

Make sure to collect as much information as possible from this website and others like it before you make a purchase and also, once it ships home, drink responsibly. 

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