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5 Best Japanese Gas Stoves to Buy

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If you’ve just moved to Japan from Europe or North America, you’ve probably spent most of your life using electric burners and so the Gas stove shaped space in your kitchen holder is a bit of marvel to you. 

If this is you, have no fear. 

Maybe, you’ve used them before, are well acquainted with gas stoves, and even had one in your former living space but could not travel with it. 

Now, you’re squinting at Japanese inscriptions on the internet, searching with a sense of nostalgia, and trying to find your old stove in Japan. 

Whatever the case is, I can guarantee you, the section below has a list that’ll blow your mind right out of the water. 
If you’ve spent your life cooking with electricity, these gas stoves come complete with world-class safety features that’ll ensure your utmost convenience and peace of mind.

Gas Stoves In Japan: A Quick Look

Rinnai three”peace of mind” gas stove:

Rinnai three”peace of mind” gas stove

Size: 59X59.41X10.08cm
Material: Crystal coat top
Battery: 2D Battery
Gas range: 56 cm
Compatible gas: LPG
High power burner: Left side

Noritz Table Gas Stove: 

Noritz Table Gas Stove 

Weight : 13.5 kg
External size: 59.5X47.8X18.0cm
Material: Metal
Gas range: 59.5 cm
Effective grill size: 22.2X32.05X6cm
High-power burner: left 
Compatible gas: LPG

Paloma Gas Stove (PA-S71MHP-L-13A)

Paloma Gas Stove (PA-S71MHP-L-13A)

Weight : 9.1 kg
External size: 56X44.7X21.8cm
Material: Enamel
Battery: DC 3.0V
Child lock: Active
Gas range: 56 cm
High-power burner: left 
Compatible gas: LPG

Gas Table IC–N86b –R stove:

Gas Table IC–N86b –R stove

Weight : 9.5 kg
External size: 59X46.1X21.8cm
Material: Enamel
Battery: Alkali
Gas range: 59 cm
Compatible gas: LP (Propane)

Rinnai Gas Table RTE-62-VCTNB:

Rinnai Gas Table RTE-62-VCTNB

Weight : 15.5 kg
External size: 21.8X59.6X48.9cm
Material: Pearl/ Enamel
Battery: Alkali
Gas range: 59.6 cm
High-power burner: left 
Compatible gas: LPG

Gas Stoves In Japan: More Details

Rinnai three”peace of mind” gas stove:

Rinnai three”peace of mind” gas stove

If you’re new to Japan, you’re probably adjusting to many new things. The language, the food and local customs are all aspects of life you need to adjust to sooner or later. 

If you’ll be cooking while you’re in the country, the Rinnai “Peace of mind” gas stove will do you a lot of good as your apartment is probably fitted to accommodate one of these. 

You’re probably worried about safety standards or human error. You shouldn’t!

The Rinnai “Peace of mind” is appropriately named because it comes complete with about four safety layers that ensure that you’re never caught flat-footed. 

At 8.7kg, this beauty comes in a lightweight frame with a crystal coat top. One of the four layers of safety is its extinguishing function which means that it can shut itself off after 120 minutes on the stove and 20 minutes on the grill if you can’t turn it off immediately. 

Next, on the second layer of safety, the Rinnai can shut the gas off once the fire goes off to prevent any secondary ignition from light sources outside the kitchen.

In addition, a sensor collects heat-data from the stove to prevent oil or other flammable food items from overheating. On the final layer of protection, the Rinnai also comes complete with sensors which ensure that your grill never gets too hot for comfort. 

The Rinnai three “peace of mind” was engineered to ensure that you can get the most out of all your cooking without worrying about the potential dangers of human error. 

If you’re a mom, the Rinnai is a great option for you!

Noritz Table Gas Stove:

Noritz Table Gas Stove

If you’re a champion of the kitchen, and need a high power machine that can function seamlessly in both personal and commercial application, then you should grab the Noritz stove while you still can. 

One of the most impressive aspects of this incredible piece is that it has the capacity to give off over 290℃ of heat that’ll ensure that you can get things heated up better and cooked faster while you’re learning new delicacies of Japanese culture or making your own.

As a balance to its incredible heating capacity, the Noritz comes with a buzzer which notifies you once you preset targets about exactly how much heat you require and incredibly powerful sensors which turn the heat off if you can’t get there on time. 

At 13.5kg, the Noritz is a brawny beast. It also comes with a perfectly compact width of about 59.5 cm that packs well if you ever have to travel. 

In addition, the Noritz comes complete with thermal controls that streamline temperature limits once you preset them which means that it doubles perfectly as a hot plate. 

Also, with its 5-minute boiler feature, you can cook quick things while you do laundry, eat or attend to friends in the knowledge that once its time, your Noritz will safely turn itself off. 

The grill also comes complete with a similar feature with a 1-15 minute range that ensures that all your baking always looks pristine. 

If you’ll be entertaining a bunch of people at home, or switching regularly between home cooking and making meals for tons of people, the Noritz comes with a range of features that’ll get you up and running in no time!

Paloma Gas Stove (PA-S71MHP-L-13A):

Paloma Gas Stove (PA-S71MHP-L-13A)

If you have a small child and are looking for a stove that takes that into full account, then the Paloma is the one for you. 

At 9.1kg of net weight, this is one of the lighter stoves on the market and packs incredibly well as a result. Also, it comes complete with an enamel top which ensures that the constant heating from all your meals won’t ruin the natural beauty of your gas tops. 

Also, with a width of 56cm, you get all the space you’ll need to cook your meals without having to think about spills or other accidents that occur as a result of cramped cooking. 

How does all this help your child? 

This piece comes with a left-sided high-power burner and water-proof grill which ensures that even when the cooking surface is slightly lower than the ideal, the risk of accident is reduced. Also, it comes with sensors that prevent oils and other flammable food items from overheating. 

In addition to an already impressive array of features, the Paloma comes with child locks to ensure that you never have to worry about infant-induced fire incidents or gas leaks if your kids get frisky when you’re not at home. 

If you’re nursing a child, or have younger children at home, and intend to spend a bit of time cooking, you might as well get something that’s built to perfectly complement your efforts at ensuring your child(ren) can be safe at all times. 

Gas Table IC – N86B – R gas stove:

Gas Table IC – N86B – R gas stove

If you’ve just moved to Japan and are extremely busy, then this is for you.

You’re probably new to Japan and early in your adaptation to the country, its norms and most importantly, its foods.  But you’re also very busy. 

How to make it work?

What you need is a stove that cooks fast, cleans easily and packs beautifully. To that end, the n-86b-r gas stove is one you’ll surely want to get. 

At 9.5 kg, this stove is incredibly lightweight. One of the key features that’ll make such a difference to you is its shield top that prevents spills from getting into the gas tops which limits your effort to a casual wipe-down with a rag most times. 

Also, it comes with enamel tops that are heat-tolerant and retain their beauty and aesthetic quality over multiple cooking cycles across a number of years. In addition, this stove comes with sensors that ensure that food items never burn which in turn, cuts the time spent in washing dishes and pots. 

At 59 cm of width, it has enough room such that cramping accidents are prevented to a large extent and stains that usually result from them always stay as far away from your kitchen as possible. 

If your utmost priority is a completely stainless kitchen, and stainless cooking utensils and accessories, and a stove that virtually cleans itself, the n86b-r gas stove is your muse.

Rinnai Gas Table RTE-62-VCTNB:

Rinnai Gas Table RTE-62-VCTNB

If you want a high-power grill on your stove, the Rinnai rte62cvtnb is what you should get. 

You’ve probably just arrived in Japan, you’re nostalgic for some well grilled meat and tired of searching for an affordable option in a language you barely understand. 

Although many models on the market use small shields, and mini-scaffolds and other protective components to prevent leaks from getting in, the grill on the Rinnai is built to repel water. 

It does this by using double shields on the top and a dual-side design on its grill which heats on both sides at the same time, and gets your meat in its core right off the bat.  

At 15.5kg of net weight, this stove comes in bulky build and uses a pearl/enamel combination to ensure a perfect complement of both aesthetic beauty and durability for your stove

Because your safety is built into the design and engineering of this stove, every gas top comes with its own sensor that keeps track of the temperature and adjusts the flame as and when due. 

The Rinnai also works beautifully if you ever need to cook really hot!

Depending on its settings, you can cook at about 250°C without any sensor disruptions whenever you need to. This means that if you ever have to cook for a group, all your meals can come through as quickly as you need them to. 

The Rinnai Gas stove also comes complete with other layers of safety that prevent fire from cooking oils, or busy days when you forget. If you do forget, the stove comes with features that allow it to shut out the heat after two hours for the stove and fifteen minutes for the grill. 

If you want a safe, water-proof stove that delivers a credible experience and a grill that is quite simply out of this world, you should buy the Rinnai RTE-62VC-TNB as soon as possible. 


What is the most important thing to consider when buying a gas stove in Japan?

What are the heat controls?

Since you’re in the process of learning to thrive in Japan which is most probably in many ways, unlike any other country you’ve known, you need to ensure that your stove works. 

While there’s likely to be some dissonance from the language, culture and other norms of life, when you’re in the kitchen, you probably want things to work out how you expect. 

To that end, heat controls are a very important consideration to make when you’re buying a stove in Japan as they guarantee your safety whatever the case may be. 

Many of the models on this list come with advanced safety features that include water leak prevention, heat adjusters and built-in extinguishers that are preset to respond to specific situations  by shutting off the gas supply or turning the flame off. 

Whatever your budget might be, you need to ensure that the stove you purchase has at least two of these safety features so you never have to worry about an accident. 

What material should I look out for?

Most stoves come in an external frame made of stainless steel which is installed to prevent rust. What you should pay the most attention to is what the tops of the gas range are made of. 

If you care about how your stove looks from one year to the next, then you want to go for one that comes complete with anti-rust coating on the gas tops. 

While some models have enamel coats on the top that prevent wear and  others come in pearl, whatever you do, ensure that there is a visible layer of coating on the gas tops above your range as they help to mitigate aging over the course of your use. 

You might also want to clean off food remnants regularly and ensure that spills are promptly and immediately dealt with when they occur. 

How much do gas stoves cost on an average?

For many gas stove models on the market, price depends largely on the size of the range and how many features it has. Gas stoves may also command a higher price if they are made of a novelty item like glass or have multiple fuel sources. 

Thankfully, there are many high quality budget stoves on this list and for the most part, you can get something pretty incredible between ¥16,000 ($149) to ¥25,000 ($232).

While many gas stoves deliver a remarkable experience regardless of price, it might be important to consider the specifics of your use in making a purchase. To that end, the section above can help you make a choice. 

Whatever you decide to spend, you should probably consider how you intend to use your stove before you make your decision as a stove that fits is more likely to improve the quality of your life. 


If you’re new to Japan, you probably want to make sure that you’re always well nourished and ready to take on the challenges everyday will bring. 

While you’ll probably eat out of home quite a bit, home cooked meals can be a lot less expensive and more healthy all things considered. 

To this end, a gas stove can help you stay healthy, and true to your culture and way of life as you engage the adventure of finding your path in a new country. 

If you’re new and desperate to contribute maximally to your new job, then you should definitely buy one of these stoves. They are cheap, safe, easy to pack and will surely contribute positively to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. 

While you’ll probably have a lot of fun eating away from home, making a meal for your neighbours and colleagues can set the tone for a joyful life which is full of pleasant relationships and great adventure if you go on to buy a gas stove.

Whatever you do, it is important to collect as much information as you can about your choice from this website and others like it. This is because small differences in design and engineering between the models can have a meaningful effect on your experience.  

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